Keeping Pounds Off During The Holidays

keeping pounds off during the holidays

So, you worked all spring and summer to get that bikini body and now the holidays are around the corner. You don’t want to gain that weight back right? But how do you pass up your favorite foods with your favorite people? There is a way to enjoy your holiday, dessert, family, and friends WITHOUT completely backtracking. Grab a pen and paper, you are going to want to write this down.

Party Planning

If you have a big party coming up, make sure the day of you are not skipping meals to save calories or your appetite. In fact, when planning on attending a party fill up on good fats like those in nuts, seeds, almond milk, and yogurt. Make sure you also don’t consider a party as an anything goes day. If you were planning on skipping your workout, DON’T!

Also, an hour before your party make sure to eat a high fiber high protein snack, like an apple with peanut butter, this will prevent you from overeating. If the party is going to be long, pack a snack, something like almonds, cashews, or sunflower seeds.

Keeping Pounds Off When Friends and Family Come Over

When entertaining family and friends your kitchen may be full of goodies, or you are in the kitchen baking delights. It is best not to eat while you are cooking, those little calories add up, especially when you have a nice big dinner in just an hour or two.

People tend to socially overeat, so make sure you are keeping track of all those cookies you are munching on while you socialize with family and friends. When keeping pounds off during the holiday, make sure to chat and socialize as much as you can. You are less likely to eat an entire cake when entertaining guests. Make sure you have a nice big buffet of crunchy vegetables and juicy fruits, and always eat from there FIRST.

Visiting Family and Friends

When you are heading out for the holidays, either with family or friends make sure to wear your most flattering outfit. This will help you put your best foot forward, and you aren’t going to want to overeat and feel bloated.

If you choose to drink, remember alcohol is abundant in empty calories, and refined carbohydrates. if you must, choose wine, and limit how much you are having. When having beverages make sure to skip on the fancy rich drinks, that are rich in calories (including egg nog).

More Great Tips for Keeping Pounds Off

Additional tips for the holidays are keeping hydrated. When drinking, or just having a large meal, be sure to sip on water regularly. If you are at a buffet or presented with the “all you can eat” option, try to grab the smallest plates or bowls you can find. In the event of an office party, it will not only help your career, but also your food intake to mingle as much as possible. If presented with the chance to dance, fire up your metabolism and have fun.

Remember that proximity also makes a difference in two different ways.  The first is in terms of what you can see.  The second is in terms of how much you have within easy reach.  If you have food in your direct sight line while you’re talking to people, you’ll be more likely to have it on your mind.  As a result, you’re more likely to want to go and get more food than you need.  If possible, try to turn your back – or at least your side – to any food on display.  That way, you’ll be less likely to focus on it.

Next, try not to stay where you have food within easy reach so that you can keep reaching out and getting more.  If it’s tough to stay out of reach of food, try to position yourself near the option that would have the lowest impact.  Either stand within reach of something you don’t really like or crave or stand near the food that would cause the least caloric harm, such as veggie sticks.

It is important not only before social gatherings, to always to eat regularly, skipping meals will only result in feelings of illness and also extra pounds. When keeping pounds off during the holidays remember to get in as much exercise as you can, some is better than none. Keep in mind your goal of maintaining your healthy weight and indulge in moderation.

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