What the Least Obese State in the USA Says About Weight Management

Least Obese State in the USAIn a time when it seems that obesity is on the rise everywhere, it’s quite refreshing to see that there is one out there that ranks as the least obese state.  Even better news is that there are certain reasons that it scored on top. We can learn from the differences between that state and those that scored lower on the list to make changes in our own lives and habits to control our weight.

Which is the Least Obese State in Terms of Diagnosis Statistics?

If you don’t already know Colorado holds that title and it’s a great one to enjoy. It lost its title briefly to Montana for a while but regained it again as the numbers shifted once more. It’s important to note, however, that the obesity rate in Colorado is the lowest in the country, but it is also climbing.

Only a handful of years ago, the obesity rate in Colorado was 18.7 percent of its population. As of 2019 (the most recent year for these statistics as of early 2021), according to Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data shows that the figure has climbed to 23.8 percent – tied with Washington DC.

At the other end of the scale, Mississippi is the state with the highest obesity rate, sitting at 40.8 percent of its population.

Why is Colorado the Least Obese State?

It makes you wonder, just how is Colorado the least obese state. Just what contributes to that and makes this a distinction that they have held for quite some time? Well first and foremost there is a culture here that tends to center around health at the core. This means that there are many more options in terms of healthy eating, such as specialty grocery stores and even restaurants that specialize in healthy fare. So, your choices for eating well are far more extensive as the culture of this state is to be healthy and to eat well.

A Culture at The Core of This Helps Keep Numbers Low

Another offshoot of the reason behind why Colorado is the least obese state has to do with that culture as well. This is a culture overall that promotes physical activity much more than other states. You will find that people that live here are much more active in their everyday lifestyle. They may get to the gym more, but they may also enjoy the attractions and environment of this state as well. Hiking and skiing are just a couple of the activities that are huge here, and therefore there is much more of an opportunity for those that live here to get out and get active. They have many more options and overall, the culture dictates that many who live here are active, healthy, and well.

Many who are seeking out an active and healthy lifestyle are also being attracted to Colorado, and that too contributes to its distinction as the least obese state. The word is out about the adventure and opportunities to get and stay fit. Not only that but there are so many ways to take care of yourself and the environment. Leading by example and attracting others that want to be healthy and strong helps to keep the statistics and rate low. So perhaps other states can learn from this and help to keep the overall obesity rates down as Colorado has done so very well.

You Don’t Need to Live in Colorado for Healthy Weight Management

Even if it’s not built into your state culture, you can still practice the types of healthy lifestyle habits that can help you to control your weight and prevent obesity. Talking to your doctor about your diet and what you eat on a regular basis, as well as your fitness level and activity habits is a great start.  To help overcome some of the biggest challenge to these changes, the right weight management support through strategies or even supplements can also help to make a difference.

Make these changes gradually with a long-term goal in mind, and it won’t matter if you live in the least obese state because you’ll be creating the lifestyle you need for healthy weight management.

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