Great Ways to Make Lighter Versions of Cocktails You Love

lighter versions of cocktails you love

You hear all the time that if you want to lose weight and be healthy that you need to stop drinking, but you might be happy to know that you can make lighter versions of cocktails that you love and enjoy.

It does take some commitment and attention to detail, but you can still enjoy your favorite cocktails with some adjustments. If you are willing to use the right ingredients and make these simple changes then you can sip away without the guilt. You want to get back to the basics and really think through how to eliminate the calories, while still enjoying an adult beverage that is sure to satisfy.

Where to Begin for Lighter Versions of Cocktails

Start by looking at what some of your favorite adult beverages are so that you can think through lighter versions of cocktails that are your favorite. Start with something like red wine, which is one of the healthier cocktail options out there.

The idea here is to water it down a bit so that you can still enjoy it but in a smaller amount. Mix it with seltzer water and some fresh fruit to make a spritzer. The same can be done with white wine, or you can turn it into a sangria with fresh natural fruit juices and fresh fruit.

Get Rid of the High Calorie Mixers and You’ll Be In Good Shape

Vodka Tonic

If you happen to love a good mixed drink then you’ll be happy to know that you can find lighter versions of cocktails such as this too. If you love a vodka tonic then there is a very simple change here to make it a more balanced drink.

Substitute club soda instead of the tonic water and you get rid of a lot of calories and carbohydrates. Squeeze in some lime and even a tiny splash of cranberry juice and you have a winner. If you enjoy a rum and coke, then try it with a diet soda instead. There are always ways to get rid of the extra calories and still enjoy what you drink!

Pina Coladas

Finally as you think of lighter versions of cocktails you want to get rid of the high calorie and dense drinks. Rather than drinking a packaged margarita, try it with fresh lime juice instead of sour mix.

Get rid of the pina colada and opt for a coconut rum with a fresh pineapple juice instead. The idea is to cut down on the high calorie mixers and make fresher ingredients be at the core of your creations. You can still enjoy a drink but just cut out the calories and sip slowly to get the best out of your adult beverage choices!

Already Lighter Versions of Cocktails


This may be a sweet drink, but it clocks in at a pretty low-calorie level at 150 calories.  If you skip the syrup and add an alternative sweetener such as stevia, you’ll be able to slash another 40 calories from that number.  Mint, lime and soda water naturally have next to no calories when combined and the shot of rum is around 100 calories.

Tequila and Soda

This simple drink is a favorite of dieters on calorie-counting diets but also on low carb or low glycemic index diets such as the G.I. diet or even the ketogenic diet.  The soda is calorie-free, so the only source of calories will come from the tequila at 100 calories a shot, and any garnishes you choose such as fruits or veggies.


This drink is a celebration unto itself.  At only 95 calories a serving, you’ll start enjoying the bubbles of sparkling wine more often than New Year’s and weddings.

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