How Long Will it Take to Lose the Christmas Weight?

How long to Lose the Christmas WeightWe’re already well into January, but the struggle to lose the Christmas weight continues for many people. That being the case, how long will it take for all those extra pounds to be gone? When will you return to where you were before you sat down to Thanksgiving dinner?

Unfortunately, there is no single universal answer to say how long it will take to lose the Christmas weight for all people. It all depends on how much you gained, your fitness level, height, gender, lifestyle and many other factors. As a result, while some people will burn off their extra weight within the first few weeks of the year, for others, it doesn’t go away until June.

Even worse, some people don’t put in the effort needed to burn off the extra holiday weight and to maintain it throughout the rest of the year and will only pack on more weight when the next holiday season starts. This, according to a study from Cornell University. It found that, on average, it takes the first five months of the year for a person to lose the Christmas weight.

Will You Lose the Christmas Weight

Do you know how much weight you gained over the holiday season? This is the first step in being able to lose the Christmas weight. After all, if your goal is to burn off what you gained, then you need to know how much you gained.

Next, it’s important to remember that trying to drop the pounds as fast as you possibly can may not be the healthiest route to take. That type of rapid weight loss typically leads to regained pounds. As a result, going to extremes to shed the pounds you gained over the holidays may not be worth all that effort.

New Year, New You?

As much as the majority of New Year’s resolutions fail, it may be time to start thinking about gradually adopting an increasingly healthy lifestyle. Start making positive changes to what you eat, first. Improve your meals and snacking habits a little bit at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself or you’ll only return to where you were before you got started.

Instead, start with certain options such as cutting alcohol by one glass every day. Have a meat-free Monday. Consider tracking your calories online for a while to see where you stand in terms of regular intake.

Next, pay attention to your workouts. Make them regular and be sure that they’re actually workouts. Going for a stroll is better than nothing, but it certainly doesn’t count as a fat burning workout. Instead, do things that raise your heart rate and get you breathing faster. Do them at least five days per week. On those two remaining days, consider yoga and strength training.

Gradually adopting these great healthy habits will mean you’ll lose the Christmas weight efficiently without risking its return.

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