How to Lose Weight Before the Holidays

How to Lose Weight Before the Holidays With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s clear that there isn’t much time left before the season of sweet treats, fatty and salty foods, and parties and gatherings is here. This is the time of year in which we’re most likely to meet up with friends and family and to head off to business events and other important occasions where we want to look our best. But is it possible to lose weight before the holidays, even with this small amount of time left?

Absolutely! Just make sure that you are ready to start right now and that your expectations are reasonable. Don’t fall victim to the claims of diets that will have you losing seven pounds by the end of a weekend or ten pounds by the end of a week. Those fads aren’t a healthful or realistic way to lose weight before the holidays and they’re more likely to leave you with problems than results.

The key is to make the decision to eat healthfully and exercise daily. Don’t overdo it. Look for nutritious foods within an appropriate calorie range and take part in activities that suit your physical fitness level. That way, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy all the celebrations ahead of you while you look the best and without having to starve yourself.

Use the following additional tips to help you to lose weight before the holidays and before your next big party:

Embrace snacking – make sure that you always have healthful snacks available so that you’re prepared whenever hunger strikes. That way, you won’t be prone to grabbing candy or chips as snacks and at mealtime, you’ll be able to stick to a reasonable portion without being hungry.

Drink water and then drink more water – hydration is a fantastic way to keep hunger pangs under control. In fact, when you’re dehydrated, the body will often send you signals of hunger instead of thirst. By keeping yourself fully hydrated you’ll keep your appetite to a minimum and will be naturally inclined to eat less.

Don’t cut out everything you love – if you try to eliminate all your favorite treats, you’ll only end up giving up or binging at some point. Instead, allow yourself to indulge. Just do it in tiny amounts and make it an occasional treat, not a part of every meal.

Get some sleep – when you’re well rested, your body burns fat more effectively and you will feel less inclined to eat fatty and sugary foods. Plus, you’ll naturally feel and look better.

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