Can PhenBlue Help You Lose Weight If You’re Obese?

Can PhenBlue Help Lose Weight If You’re Obese?

Trying to lose weight when you’re obese isn’t necessarily the same experience as what a slimmer person would face if he or she was simply attempting to shed a few pounds for cosmetic reasons. There are many challenges faced by those with obesity that can make the process more difficult unless the right strategies are followed.

When you’re obese, your body has not only altered its size, but many other factors have likely also changed, such as your hormone balance. Recent research has shown that the hormones responsible for the sensation of hunger can actually work against the efforts of an obese dieter who is trying to lose weight.

What Are Your Options to Lose Weight if You’re Obese?

So what do you do? Do you give up and decide that it is simply too tough to lose weight? Not if you want to gain a healthier body. Instead, it’s important to educate yourself about your body and use the right tools for shedding the pounds in a healthful and realistic way.

The first step is to speak with your doctor. That will help you to get to know exactly what calorie range you should be aiming for every day – not too many but also not too few – and what types of exercises you should consider to be appropriate for your current fitness level. You may also want to discuss additional tools such as diet pills.

Will PhenBlue Help?

When talking about diet pills, the first thing your doctor will tell you is that there is a difference between prescription drugs and over-the-counter weight management support pills.  Over the counter pills such as PhenBlue are not developed to be used as an obesity treatment.  They’re meant for healthy adults who are overweight – with a body mess off 25 through 29.9 – and who need additional support to keep up their efforts.

There is a difference between being overweight and having obesity. Obesity is a disease. Though some people overcome it on their own, many require the assistance and guidance of a doctor. This could include using a prescription diet medication over the short term.  PhenBlue is not a prescription diet pill and is not used for that reason.

When does PhenBlue Help?

That said, once obesity patients have finished their treatment and are no longer obese, many look to PhenBlue to support their ongoing weight management efforts. After you lose weight if you’re obese, talk to your doctor about keeping up your healthy lifestyle and ongoing weight management efforts with the additional support this over-the-counter supplement has to offer.

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