Is Low Carb Dieting the Best Weight Loss Strategy After All

Low carb dieting successLow carb dieting may be one of the best ways to use dietary changes to lose weight, says new research. A study was recently published in the BMJ journal, which found that this type of macronutrient based diet can encourage greater weight loss than many other methods.

Low Carb Dieting Research

The low carb dieting research involved the participation of 164 people who were either overweight or obese. The participants were broken into three groups for a 20 week diet. The first group followed a high carbohydrate diet. The second group was considered to have medium carbohydrate intake The last group followed a low carb diet.

Those in the last group saw a metabolism improvement of 12 percent compared to where they were when the first started The people in the low carb dieting group consumed a balance of 20 percent carbs and protein and 60 percent fat.

The Study Findings

Dr. David Ludwig was the the primary study investigator and the co-director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children’s Hospital. Ludwig is also a professor of pediatrics and nutrition at Harvard University. He stated that the researchers found that the diets the participants followed had a considerable impact on their metabolic rate.

The group that was low carb dieting burned an average of about 250 daily calories more than those in the high-carb diet group. This was the case among participants of the same body weight.

Throughout the length of the study, the participants were also controlling their calorie intake in order to make sure that they could maintain their baseline weight. If the participant started to lose or gain weight, the caloric intake was adjusted in order to ensure that baseline weight would remain the same.

Therefore, if someone needed to eat more calories in order to maintain the same body weight, it was clear that their metabolism was speeding up. If they started to need fewer calories to stay the same, it showed that their metabolism was slowing down.

Low Carb Dieting for Faster Metabolism

Using this process, the researchers found that low carb dieting produced the fastest metabolic rates. This suggests that it would also lead dieters to experience the fastest rate of weight loss.

This low carb dieting research was a different perspective on the study of the metabolism than most other weight loss studies. Often, weight related research is focused on body fat percentages.

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