Top 5 Lower Back Exercises to Relieve Pain

Lower Back Exercises

Stop! Before you take that over-the-counter or prescription medication for your back pain, listen up. There are at least 5 lower back exercises that can make you feel better naturally. You don’t have to put up with nasty or uncomfortable side effects any longer. Get to know these techniques and put pain control back into your own hands.

1. Practice Perfect Posture

Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly an exercise, but it is a habit that you should get into: having perfect posture. Over time, those little slouches and bends can add up to big problems in terms of lower back pain. In fact, you can almost double your back problems by just bending over incorrectly one time, let alone over and over again. Maintain the proper curvature at all times and consider it one of the most effective lower back exercises you can perform.

2. Increase Your Core Credibility

You need to give credit where credit is due, namely to your abdominal muscles. These bad boys can make you stronger or weaker depending on how well maintained they are. In fact, one of the best lower back exercises involves gently working out the core muscle groups with a simple crunch. Basically, you have to stop making your back pick up the slack of your lacking abs.

3. Stretch It Out

If you are searching for quick and easy lower back exercises that work immediately, look no further than the simple stretch. Sit on your bed with one of your legs out in front of you, the other one on the floor. Gently lean forward with your back neither straight nor bent (neutral). Do this a few times until you feel better, or combine it with another exercise for optimal results.

4. Mindful Meditation Might Work

A lot of times, our pain can be eliminated by practicing mind-over-matter. Recent studies show that mindful meditation is actually a benchmark for lower back pain relief. Between the deep breathing required and the relaxing nature of meditation, it is now considered to be one of the best lower back exercises for making pain take a hike.

5. Have a Secure Siesta

Sometimes, we just need to shut down and take a quick nap. However, your back pain will only get worse if you sleep the wrong way. Start taking regular siestas in a comfortable bed that keeps your back and core secure while you relax your body. Within just a half hour you could feel a lot better.

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