How to Measure Your Health without a Scale

Measure Your Health no scaleIf you start your day by stepping onto a scale in order to find out if you have lost any weight since yesterday or not, you will either be glad or sad. If you see you have lost weight, you will be extremely happy but on the other hand, if you see a slight weight gain or no loss, you will feel uneasy and anxiously try to understand why you didn’t lose any weight.

You would probably be calculating what you ate yesterday and summing up the total calories consumed and deducting total calories burned to get the final total, which would then decide if you have been a good girl/boy or not.

Based on this number, you decide if you should be treated with love and respect or if you have to put up with that critical inner voice throughout the day, telling you that you are a failure. If you measure your health every day, you will probably be delighted by the number on the scale 10% of the time, keeping in mind the time it takes for the scale to show your results. By continuing with this habit, you are dooming yourself for a life that is spent criticizing yourself for 90% of your days. That is not a life anyone should live.

If your intention is to measure your health, there are better ways of doing so without using a scale. Let’s take a look at some of these ways in which you can get a far more accurate idea of your weight loss progress.

Measuring Tape

At the start of your weight loss journey, keep a record of your body measurements using a measuring tape. If and when you lose weight, there would be an immediate reduction in these numbers. However, you should not check your measurements every day as no one loses weight that quickly. Keep a journal of your measurements, recording them every week to compare and analyze how much you are losing.

Trying Out Clothes That Are Snug

Is there a better way to figure out if you are losing weight than trying out a pair of trousers that were previously too tight? You can get a pretty accurate measure of your health and progress depending on how these pants fit you. If they are as snug as before, there is no progress and if they are starting to fit better, wonderful news, you are losing weight.

One of the best ways of finding out if you are losing weight is by analyzing how you feel. Do you feel any better? Are you feeling happier, is your belly feeling firmer or your shoulder bones sticking out? If your face feels thinner, it is also a great way to measure your health. Try taking pictures and comparing them to find out if there is any visible difference or not. These are all great ways of finding out your progress instead of measuring your weight every morning.

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