The Most Neglected Muscles in Your Body

The Most Neglected Muscles

You’re about to be shocked at what the most neglected muscles are in your body.  The reason you’ll be so surprised is that they’re not small, and they’re parts of your body that you rely on every single day.  At the same time, they simply don’t seem to be the parts of the body that people pay attention to when they’re trying to give themselves a decent overall workout.

How the Most Neglected Muscles Got That Way

While exercising at the gym, people tend to concentrate more on certain body parts over others. While some people are working areas where they need extra strength for jobs or other lifestyle purposes, many people focus on the places they believe to be more aesthetically appealing than others.

But in an effort to develop these areas, there are certain other groups that get ignored, leading to trends for the most neglected muscles. Unfortunately, this doesn’t just create an issue when it comes to appearance.  It can lead to health issues as well.

The most neglected muscles can cause an imbalance of strength, size, balance and other issues. When some muscles are underdeveloped, the body posture gets misaligned. That risk is particularly high when you are working other areas of the body, so that some muscles are being worked, while others are not.

This helps to explain why you have to make sure that you work on the most neglected muscles, too, not just the ones you want to look great.  It is necessary if only to keep your posture in alignment.

What Are the Most Neglected Muscles?

Let’s look at the most neglected muscles in your body:


There are many people who concentrate on improving their lower body. They perform squats and a variety of other exercises for the hamstrings and quads. However, they don’t pay much attention to their calves. This is mainly because the calf muscles are difficult to engage and require a lot of time to develop properly. The truth is that, if you are focusing on aesthetics, you need to make sure each muscle is developed well. Only once your calf muscles are fully developed will your body appear aesthetically appealing.


Another muscle that people concentrate on more than any other is the chest. When you work out excessively on your pectoral muscles, they remain tight constantly. This gives the appearance of a rounded back and disrupts the posture of the body. To counter this effect, you need to work on your deltoid muscles. In particular, you have to concentrate on the rear deltoids. Working out your rear deltoids will ensure that your shoulders are straight, and your body remains aligned.


Among the muscles that are commonly neglected is the forearm. This is because people concentrate on building their biceps and triceps more than they do other muscles. This gives the arms an awkward appearance. Your upper arms appear large, but your forearms appear small and underdeveloped. There are a few exercises you can perform to develop your forearms. One such exercise is the deadlift. In addition, you should perform wrist curls to develop larger forearms.


The development of abdominal muscles is a source of concern for most people. While people concentrate on building abdominal muscles, they end up neglecting certain areas. The most neglected muscles in the abdominal area are the oblique muscles. The best exercise to promote steady development of the oblique muscles is the side plank. You should include this exercise along with other abdominal exercises to promote steady development of the abdomen.

If you want your body to develop properly, you have to make sure that these most neglected muscles in the body get a proper workout.

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