March is National Nutrition Month: Do You Require a Spring Cleaning?

March is National Nutrition MonthMarch is National Nutrition Month. This gives you the opportunity to take a closer look at the foods you’re eating on a regular basis so you can decide whether or not they’re giving your body everything you need for optimal health. No matter what type of eating style you may have – or whether you don’t think you have one at all – this month lets you consider your nutrition so you can do a bit of spring cleaning if needed.

Nourishing your body is integral to being healthy and achieving your best quality of life for the longest time possible. National Nutrition Month gives us all a handy reminder of this fact and lets us hold ourselves accountable for what we give our bodies each day. The right nourishment helps you to feel good and lets you align your lifestyle with your goals.

How to Start a National Nutrition Month Spring Cleaning

One of the easiest ways to get started with a spring cleaning for National Nutrition Month is to get a food tracker app. A good food diary or fitness tracker that has a food feature is all you need. Then, track your food for at least the rest of the month.

This will help you to become more aware of what you’re having on a regular basis. Most people don’t have a complete idea of their nutrition trends until they see it in front of them in numbers and graphs. Moreover, it’s a lot faster to do than you think. A great nutrition tracking app will let you scan barcodes to automatically enter common products, search massive databases, and even enter complete recipes so you only have to add all the ingredients once, then you can just select the complete meal every other time you have it.

What to Do with Your Findings

After your tracking during National Nutrition Month, it’s time to do something with what you find. Have a look at your trends. Do you have a good balance among your macronutrients or do you find that your calories come primarily from one group or another, such as fats or carbs? Are you getting enough calcium, iron and other minerals? Are you keeping your sodium levels within a healthy limit and is your sugar staying low?

We all have improvements we can make during National Nutrition Month. Take this opportunity to identify one or two areas where your eating can use a little help and find out how to make some changes. These changes can be gradual and don’t have to be dramatic. Remember that every improvement you make to your nutrition is a positive change and a gift to your physical and mental health.

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