How Long it Takes to Notice Your Weight Loss Progress

notice your weight loss progressIt would be great if it were possible to notice your weight loss progress the moment you start taking on habits for healthier body weight management. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Just because you went for a power walk and ate a healthy dinner, it doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly fit into a smaller dress size.

Instead, it can take some time for you to notice your weight loss progress. As a result, the most important thing for you to practice is one of the most challenging habits of all: patience. This is particularly true if you are waiting for weight loss on a specific part of your body, as fat reductions occur overall throughout your body so the area you want to target may see a slow and gradual reduction despite the fact that you are in fact losing fat overall.

Typically speaking, if you stick to a healthy plan that involves eating within a healthy calorie limit (not too high and not too low, either) and you exercise most days of the week in a routine that includes both weekly cardio exercises and strength training, you can expect to see some kind of measurable difference in around two weeks. So after 14 days, there should be a way for you to notice your weight loss progress in some form.

This may be in the most common way, which includes the numbers falling on the bathroom scale. That said, there are other ways to measure your progress as well. This can include a reduction in your body fat levels – even if your overall weight remains the same – or it could be that your body will change size. You may find that you start to lose a bit of size around your middle, arms, thighs, or backside, depending on where you carry your weight and where your body decides that it wants to lose the first noticeable amount.

It’s a good idea to recognize that, despite the claims of some diets and diet pills, no product, exercise or meal plan has been proven to allow you to effectively target an area for fat loss. While you may be able to tone muscles in an area and promote muscle growth, fat comes off the body at its own rate, where it wants, regardless of how many pills you take or crunches you complete.

Use a fitness, nutrition and weight tracker to help keep track of your progress in a way you can see. It will do wonders for your motivation.

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