PHENBLUE and Phentermine Blue Comparison

Comparing PhenBlue and Phentermine Blue

PHENBLUE is an innovative over the counter diet supplement that was developed to support a healthy weight management strategy.  The Intechra Health team behind the formula took meticulous care to ensure its benefits would offer meaningful assistance at every critical stage.

As a result of the wealth of positive professional reviews and customer ratings, many people have mistakenly come to think that PHENBLUE and Phentermine Blue are similar pills.  That said, while both pills offer powerful support to their users, there is little else they share in common.

What is Phentermine Blue?

Phentermine Blue is a prescription obesity treatment.  This drug is prescribed to patients with obesity and whose excess weight is placing them at risk of serious health problems. These can include heart disease and diabetes, among others.

That said, Phentermine Blue is not a solution to obesity on its own.  It is prescribed alongside a calorie restricted diet and a regular physical activity strategy.  The drug makes it easier to stick to that healthy lifestyle plan by increasing energy levels while reducing the appetite. When the appetite is smaller, it’s simpler to eat less.  With the right food choices, this means a lower calorie consumption.  When energy levels are higher, it’s easier to stay motivated, to do workouts and perform at your best when you do.


PHENBLUE is a non-prescription diet pill.  This over the counter supplement was developed for weight management support. This means that overweight dieters, those with a BMI of 25 to 29.9, will enjoy benefits to make their weight loss diets less challenging.

PHENBLUE’s formula is made from the following ingredients:

  • NeOpuntia® (Prickly Pear),
  • Caffeine (150mg),
  • Organic Green Tea (Matcha) Leaf Powder,
  • Theobromine

Each of those substances has been clinically researched.  This allows dieters to know that every ingredient in this proprietary formula was chosen for a reason. They all contribute their own unique benefits to help dieters to improve their efficiency and ease in keeping up their healthy changes.

Among the benefits of PHENBLUE are:

  • Thermogenic ingredients
  • A patented fat fighter (NeOpuntia)
  • Energy boosters
  • Mental focus enhancers

The added energy makes it easier to be driven to complete your next power walk or gym session.  Moreover, while you’re working out, that energy also helps you to consistently reach your top performance levels.  This is further backed by the mental focus enhancers, which give you the alertness you need to pay attention to what you should be eating and to make the right food choices.

With this combined with the thermogenic ingredients and the patented fat fighter, users can know that they are doing everything they can to squeeze the most out of their weight loss strategies.  They’ll be dedicated to their healthy calorie-restricted eating.  Moreover, they will push themselves to do their workouts while performing at their best.  Their bodies will run efficiently and they will know their healthy metabolic rate is being properly supported.

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