What Ingredients Make PHENBLUE an Effective Tool in Your Weight Loss Strategy?

PHENBLUE effective dieting toolJust because you’re not struggling with obesity, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t looking for a product like PHENBLUE to work as effective support in your weight loss efforts.  People struggling with being overweight also often need help overcoming the barriers to weight loss.  After all, losing weight can be hard.  If it wasn’t, obesity wouldn’t have reached epidemic proportions in the United States.

Why Does PHENBLUE Give Effective Support in a Weight Loss Effort?

As you’ll see in many diet pill reviews, the key to why PHENBLUE can be such an effective tool to support weight loss for people who are overweight, not obese, is in the complete formula.  Every one of the ingredients it contains has undergone clinical research.  Studies about each substance have been published in peer reviewed medical journals.

Go Beyond the Diet Pill Reviews and Look at the Clinically Researched Ingredients

The following are the ingredients that make PHENBLUE such an effective tool in your complete effort to lose weight.


Also known as prickly pear, NeOpuntia, is from the plant called opuntia ficus-indica.  It has been researched as a fat binder, for the support it can provide a weight loss strategy, and even for the effects it can have on metabolic syndrome.  It was the results of these studies that help to explain why this is the top ingredient in the PHENBLUE formula for effective support.


The second ingredient that helps to make PHENBLUE effective as a support product for dieters is caffeine.  This stimulant has been broadly studied in medicine and is a known energy booster, while helping to increase alertness. It is often included in diet pills for that benefit, as well as because of its potential as a thermogenic.

Organic Green Tea (Matcha) Leaf Powder

Organic matcha green tea leaf powder is a substance that has been researched as a thermogenic to help support the body’s fat burning rate.  Research has backed its use for this purpose as well as for a range of other potential wellness benefits, particularly due to the level of antioxidants it contains.


Last, but certainly not least in the ingredients that make PHENBLUE effective as a support product for dieters, is theobromine. This substance provides lasting energy enhancement according to research.  That said, studies have also shown that when combined with caffeine (the second ingredient in this product) it offers energy boosting in a useful and steady way.

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