3 Possible Reasons Phentermine Isn’t Curbing Your Appetite

Phentermine isn't curbing appetitePhentermine is among the most commonly prescribed diet drugs in the United States. It is meant to be used by certain people suffering from obesity and whose excess weight is placing their health at risk. Despite the fact that it does come with a chance of certain side effects, its advantages in these cases have been deemed greater than the potential drawbacks.

The reason Phentermine can be helpful to a dieter with obesity is that it is meant to help curb the appetite while it increases energy levels and fat burning. At the very core of this drug is a powerful stimulant. It stimulates the central nervous system (both the brain and the nerves throughout the body) which causes a spectrum of reactions in the body. Among them are an increase in heart rate and blood pressure and in the stimulation to the adrenal glands that release certain neurotransmitters.

The outcome is an effect similar to the fight-or-flight response. This is the natural reaction our bodies undergo when facing an exciting or dangerous situation. It gives us a burst of alertness and energy to the muscles meant to help you battle off a foe or run from danger. At the same time, this situation typically decreases sensations such as hunger in order to ensure they won’t be distracting.

Therefore, by promoting the fight or flight response within the body, Phentermine can help to reduce the feeling of hunger. When cutting back on calories and observing a healthy diet, this can be very helpful.

However, this doesn’t necessarily work for everyone in every situation. There are times when taking Phentermine isn’t enough to curb hunger. Here are a few reasons to explain why this is happening:

• Phentermine doesn’t eliminate hunger – Just because it can help to reduce your appetite, it doesn’t mean that it will eliminate it altogether. You will still feel hungry at times when you’re taking Phentermine, particularly when you haven’t eaten in a while or when you haven’t eaten much.

• You’ve been taking it for a while – Phentermine loses its effectiveness over time. Your body will build up a tolerance to it. In these situations, it’s important not to increase your dose unless instructed to do so by your doctor. The reason is that it won’t help you to experience more benefits. It will only increase the risk of severe side effects and will make it very likely that you’ll become addicted and will experience withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop using it. Phentermine is meant to be used for only a few consecutive weeks before taking a break and then possibly starting again. In the meantime, you might wish to try our high quality Phentermine alternative, PHENBLUE.

• You’re dehydrated – The body can sometimes send you signals of hunger when you’re actually thirsty. If you’re hungry and don’t have a reason to be, try drinking a glass of water, then wait for fifteen minutes or so. You might find this effectively reduces the sensations.

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