Google Said These Were the Most Popular Diet Trends Last Year

Popular Diet Trends 2018Google has now released its lists of the trendiest searches for last year and has identified some of the most popular diet trends. Though the latest information shows that changing an entire lifestyle for the better is the best technique for losing weight, searches reflected a leaning toward two key strategies.

In terms of the popular diet trends searchers wanted to learn more about, the two top types of dieting involved low carb, high fat diets and diets involving various types of fasting. Within the first category, keto was definitely one of the top searched diets. In the second category, there were many forms of intermittent fasting, such as restricting eating to certain hours of the day or to certain days of the week.

Google Provides Insight Into Popular Diet Trends

The reason we should care about what people were searching for on Google is that 9 out of every 10 internet searches are conducted using that search engine or on YouTube, which it owns. This means that the popular diet trends it identified are the most popular for 9 out of every 10 internet searchers.

When this data is used over time, it becomes easier to identify the types of popular diet trends that arose in a year. That said, it can also be used to see the way trends shifted from one year to another. Over time, this will provide us with data about one decade’s trends to the next.

Keto Topped Popular Diet Trends in 2018

The Keto Diet easily topped the list as being the trendiest strategy people wanted to learn more about through Google searches. That said, as much as people wanted to learn a lot about it, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it was the most successful. In fact, it doesn’t even necessarily mean that it was the type of diet most used by dieters. However, it was definitely what people sought to learn about.

That said, this low-carb, high-fat version of the latest popular diet trends is not easy to follow. It takes a lot of know-how and quite a few changes to the average lifestyle. In fact, in order to follow it, most people need to choose entirely new recipes as most of their typical go-to foods would not be appropriate for that type of dieting.

Therefore, people who were following those popular diet trends last year needed to regularly conduct searches. It was in that way that most people made it possible to be able to keep up with it in the first place.

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