Delicious Post Workout Snacks

post workout snacks to refuel

Delicious post workout snacks can help to define the successful results you experience from your exercises.  It may not sound like much, but nutrition is key to outcomes.  Moreover, if you choose the wrong options, you could actually work against your best results.

Choosing Delicious Post Workout Snacks

Once you’ve finished your workout the health and fitness routine doesn’t stop there. Watch what you put in your mouth. Not only for the calories but for the maintenance of your muscles and your weight loss goals.

Whoever told you that your intense workout was enough doesn’t know how the body works or how important those post workout snacks are to keep the weight off and also growing the muscle. Here we will give you five diverse snacks you can consume with confidence after your workout. You could certainly eat them at any time in the day but we tailored these to the post workout snacks so you can use them for your task at hand.

What Should You Eat?

What should your post workout snacks be comprised of at their core and why? When you’re new to these choices, the answer isn’t always obvious.  After all, delicious post workout snacks aren’t the same for everyone.  Moreover, you can’t always trust what is offered at the gym.  Those shakes and smoothies are often packed with calories and sugar that may not suit your physical needs at all.

The post workout snacks you choose should be free of processed sugars and unhealthy fats and should contain complex carbs and lean protein. These are your functional limits should you not like or not have the following options in your pantry, you will know how to put together the same choices that will help you.

Options for Muscle Building Support

If you are building muscle, you’re going to want something high in lean protein.  Foods with additional iron levels can also be beneficial.  Many people looking to enhance their muscle choose lean red meats after one or two workouts each week. How to snack on this? Well since you may workout after work and come home starved. Dinner can include a 4 oz. piece of red meat sliced on a little salad to do the trick.

Not feeling the meat vibe or you’ve already had enough of it this week? Avocado is a tremendous source of protein and good fats that you really need to build muscle. Have it on its own with a spoon or on a salad but not in fatty guacamole. Have the food as whole as can be and untouched by any more than onion and vinegar and oil for an avocado salad. Avocado is a high fat fruit, but it is not something for you to worry about if you are doing weight training.

Handy Delicious Post Workout Snacks that Travel

  • Classic cottage cheese – This food has all the components in the aforementioned lean protein and complex carbs with some low-fat dairy that can be made in small portions for post workout snacks.
  • Granola and unflavored oatmeal – These two whole grain options are two fail safes that make delicious post workout snacks. They aren’t as exciting to your palette as the aforementioned, but they offer a more portable and compact version of what you need for a snack.
  • Turkey jerky – You can certainly buy this, but you can also dehydrate your own meat. Dehydrators are not all that expensive and you can make a myriad of snacks that are good to take with you anywhere and they can be veggies as well as lean meats.
  • Whole fruits – If you want something a little bit sweet, with lots of nutrients and that will fill you up from its fiber content, look to whole fruits like a banana or an apple. A bowl of berries on Greek yogurt can really fill you up and give you a boost of antioxidants, too.
  • Veggies and hummus – Raw veggie sticks dipped in hummus can be very satisfying. Choose – or prepare – hummus made with healthy oils to give your body the added advantage and nutrient dense calories.  Be very selective when it comes to the prepared options you buy at the supermarket.  Many aren’t nearly as healthy as they sound.  Fortunately, it’s easy to make hummus at home and it tastes fantastic too, making it one of the simple delicious post workout snacks you can toss in a travel container and bring with you.

It is always good to invest in that which you need to keep your snacks and way of eating a habit that will last well beyond the post workout snacks.

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