Here’s How Experts Recommend You Prevent Obesity

How to Prevent ObesityMedical experts are starting to make a priority of strategies to prevent obesity across the country.  This disease is raging out of control, as the percentage of people in the country who are overweight or obese is now well over 70 percent. While researching strategies to lose weight once it has already accumulated in excessive amounts remains important, so are efforts to stop it from accumulating in the first place.

The Effort to Prevent Obesity Isn’t Just a Matter of Willpower

The idea that trying to prevent obesity is about willpower or “calories in, calories out” is now strikingly old fashioned. Scientists have shown time and time again that it’s more complicated than that.  How could a system as sophisticated as the human body and its metabolism ever be whittled down to a single daily number?

Of course, being able to prevent obesity does take what you eat and your activity level into account. Those are exceptionally important factors in the effort. However, there are helpful ways and harmful ways of approaching those steps, and they take many other parts of your lifestyle into consideration.

How Experts Recommend You Prevent Obesity

Let’s take a closer look at the way experts recommend that people prevent obesity and leave the old-fashioned concepts, out of date judgements, and highly circulated myths behind.

1 – Prioritize Quality Sleep

Many people are surprised when they see that getting quality sleep is one of the most highly recommended steps for being able to prevent obesity.  Research has repeatedly shown that inadequate rest makes it difficult – or nearly impossible – to eat appropriately and keep up regular physical activity for healthy weight control.

The good news is that with some practice with healthy bedtime and waking routines, and the occasional assistance of a nighttime sleep aid to set your body’s sleeping and waking clock, it’s possible to teach yourself to get a better sleep at night on most nights. Moreover, the even better news is that the more you get great sleep, the easier it will be to eat healthfully and exercise regularly, and the more you do that, the better you’ll sleep!

2 – Eat Nutritious Foods

It’s past time to dump the habit of regularly eating highly processed foods.  Increasingly, research is pointing to that eating habit as one of the leading obesity causes. By leaving it behind and replacing those foods with higher quality options with improved nutrient content, your body will automatically be at a lower risk of gaining copious amounts of unwanted weight. Moreover, you’ll also be improving your nutrition, which is better for your overall mental and physical health, as well as your energy levels, making it easier and more fun to exercise.

3 – Understand that Starving Yourself is as Bad as Overeating

You’ve heard it time and time again. Starvation diets don’t work. Stop doing them. Stop thinking about doing them.  Stop listening to arguments that suggest you should think about doing them. They make things worse. They contribute to weight problems. Eat an appropriate amount of healthy, nutritious food instead.

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