How Processed Foods Could Prevent Weight Loss and Hurt Health

About Processed FoodsAfter many a yes and no, are you finally ready to embark upon your weight loss journey? Start by avoiding all types of processed food, which is your 21st century savior. As appetizing and convenient as these products may be, consuming processed foods like breakfast cereals, crisps, sodas, energy bars and canned tuna plays a pivotal role in contributing to obesity, which is becoming a serious problem nowadays. Every 1 out of 3 adults in the US is obese; that is, 20% over the ideal weight with regards to height.

If you can get all you need for a healthy start to your day in a bowl of breakfast cereal, you could not ask for more, right? Not so fast. Falling prey to smart advertising spiels and convincing product packaging are more than 75% of Americans, whose breakfast consists of bright and colorful cereals. Hiding behind labels such as ‘whole grain’, ‘high-fiber’ and ‘nutritionally enriched’ are a bag of chemicals present in all processed foods, dumping chemical toxins into your body.

Your liver, kidneys, small intestine, large intestine and other internal organs could be in danger. These chemicals, artificial coloring agents, preservatives, food flavoring agents, refined sugars, refined grains, and trans fatty acids, could be escalating weight gain and taking your body to a toxicity crisis. This is easily understood when we look at how the body deals with any type of toxin that enters the digestive system. The liver, which literally performs hundreds of functions, is the bridge between processed foods and an increase in weight.

Two of the functions performed by the liver are detoxification and burning fat. Apart from neutralizing and rendering toxins harmless, the liver passes on some of the toxins to the colon for elimination. It stores the rest to prevent them from entering the bloodstream. Therefore, the more unnatural chemicals you consume via processed foods, fast food and junk food, the greater the need for detoxification. Your liver is now burdened with this role and is left with little time or energy to aid with weight loss or carry out its other responsibilities.

According to some estimates, three quarters of the average individual’s liver is used to store toxins that the liver was unable to render harmless. When the liver can store no more poison, these chemicals begin to back up into the bloodstream, which sets off another series of harmful reactions in other organs and tissues, including the brain.

Apart from hindering weight loss, these additives and preservatives then lead to diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, asthma, and neurological disorders.

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