3 Proven Weight Loss Plans with Lasting Results

Proven Weight Loss PlansLooking for proven weight loss plans is one of the most common searches conducted on Google. After all, trying to shed extra weight in a healthy and effective way is hard. Stopping it from coming back is even harder. If there were only a few choices of diet strategies, the selection process may not be as daunting.

However, with so many programs pretending to be the top proven weight loss plans, the decision can be a difficult one. It also makes it clear that you can’t always believe what a program claims about itself. Instead, it’s a better idea to look to reputable sources, consumer reviews and even trusted science.

There have been some studies conducted on many of the largest proven weight loss plans. Looking at their results can help to make it much easier to choose the right one for your needs, expectations and goals. Among the most popular of these studies is the annual report issued by US News and World Report. Their “Best Diets of 2016” report made headlines across the country.

To get right to the point, the diet plans that scored the highest overall in terms of achievability, results, healthfulness and even lasting outcomes were:

· DASH Diet
· MIND Diet
· TLC Diet

That said, Weight Watchers was given special mention as being the top diet specifically for weight loss. DASH, MIND and TLC may have helped people to lose fat and maintain it over the long term, but their initial results were not necessarily as fast as Weight Watchers. That diet was able to achieve faster fat loss results, though not to the overall health and long-term standards of the DASH, MIND and TLC Diets.

The report looked into a huge number of different factors and involved the participation of experts in areas such as weight loss, nutrition , diabetes, obesity, heart disease and even food psychology. The various experts provided their opinions in regarding thirty eight different plans. This included both the strengths and the weaknesses of those strategies.

To speed up the weight loss process while following a healthful, long term lifestyle diet plan, many people are choosing Phenblue. This is a great way to kickstart a diet and achieve faster results.

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