Why the Quality of Workouts Is More Important Than the Quantity

Quality of Workouts vs quantityThere are countless people you see at the gym who perform the same exercise daily. You may even be seeing them do the same routine for months or years. You may also have noticed that even though they work out hard, they do not see results. This is because the quality of their workout is not up to par.

Why the Quality of Workouts is Not the Same as Quantity

It’s easy to focus on a certain number of reps or a certain length of time that you want to accomplish during a workout. For those of us who work well with goals as a target, these types of measurable achievements can mean a lot to motivation and to ensuring that we get the job done. That said, the numbers aren’t everything.

Think about your pedometer – step counter – on your fitness tracker.  It will count steps in the same way, regardless of whether you’re strolling around or have gone for a run.  That step you took on route from your couch to the kitchen for a snack has the exact same value on a pedometer as the steps you took while running on a treadmill or going for a hike.  If you took 10 steps, that’s the count, regardless.  In figures like that, the quality of the workouts isn’t taken into account.

The same can be said about going for a stroll instead of a brisk walk, or for completing a number of reps during strength training without any concern for form or using the full range of the movement.  Yes, you’re hitting the numbers “on paper”, but you’re not really getting the full benefit of the potential action.

Reasons the Quality of Workouts Should Be Your Top Goal

Let’s look at why the quality of workouts is more important than the quantity:

Higher Chance of Injury

Many people concentrate on the length of a workout rather than the exercises they perform. This contributes to an exhausting workout routine that does more harm than good. If you continue exercising on the treadmill 60 minutes a day, you are sure to stress your body and burn more calories. The truth is, however, that you will simply make your body vulnerable to injuries. If you want to lose weight, you have to emphasize the quality of workouts you perform. A well-balanced workout routine can work wonders as opposed to an unreasonably long routine that creates a risk of injury.

Sluggish Results

When you begin an intense workout routine, you are sure to see excellent results in the beginning. But those results will diminish over time. This means that you may lose a few pounds but eventually you will continue exercising without any results. This can be stressful, and you may even quit once you do not see results. To prevent this, you have to enhance your quality of workouts.

A quality workout is not necessarily long. There are quite a few effective routines that only require you to exercise three to four days a week. On the other hand, there are other regimens that may require you to exercise six days but will provide excellent results. Always remember, though, that a quality workout will yield results like no other.

Determining Your Exercise Goal

The first step to creating a quality exercise regimen is to figure out your goals. Are you working to lose weight, or do you want to gain strength? Once you figure this out, everything will fall into place. You will find it easier to manage your schedule, and you will feel less tired after working out. This is because your exercise routine is tailored to yield results as opposed to wearing you out.

Your Body Needs Rest as Part of the Quality of Workouts

Always remember that the first step to enhancing the quality of workouts is to give your body sufficient rest. There are many people who exercise seven days a week, thinking it will boost their efforts. The truth is that this will slow down their metabolism and the fat-burning process. Eventually, the body will feel so lethargic that it will not be able to exercise anymore. The best approach is to take two days off from working out each week.

If you want to see results as opposed to straining and injuring yourself, you should aim for a quality workout routine.

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