Don’t Give Up on Awesome Sandwiches for Weight Loss!

Awesome Sandwiches for Weight LossIt is entirely possible to be successful at weight loss and eat sandwiches at the same time. Yes, that sounds shocking, but it’s absolutely true. There is no reason for you to stop eating sandwiches just because you want to be able to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

Why People Think Sandwiches for Weight Loss are Impossible

Many people believe that when they go on a diet they must cut out a lot of their favorite foods, like sandwiches or subs. This is particularly true if they plan to follow a reduced carbohydrate diet.  Indeed, sandwiches and subs can be bad if made incorrectly or if eaten in excess.  That said, this is true when it comes to virtually everything there is to eat.  There really isn’t any kind of food that can’t be eaten in excess or prepared in a way that isn’t nutritious and good for your health.

Therefore, there’s really no reason to rule out any of your favorites.  Instead, it’s a matter of changing perspective.  You can enjoy sandwiches for weight loss just as you can have anything else you love.  The key is not to eat too much and to make the right choices when assembling it.

Have Your Sandwiches and Weight Loss, Too!

It is possible to make sandwiches for weight loss by just including or substituting other ingredients to make it healthier. If your favorite options contain high calorie ingredients with little to no nutrients, then substitutions are generally advisable (unless you’re only having a tiny portion once or twice per year).

Healthier sandwich alternatives can provide many of the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need in your day. They can be absolutely delicious to the point that you’ll actually have cravings.  Many people don’t realize that nutritious foods can be just as tasty as their favorite junk foods.  The key is to make them properly.  Season them.  Add herbs and spices.  Knowing how to make foods properly can make all the difference in your enjoyment of them.

Look at Your Bread

The first and probably the worst ingredient in an unhealthy sandwich is often the bread. The kind of bread you choose is critical to weight loss or weight gain. Choosing whole grain bread over white bread is single-handedly the healthiest decision you can make when making sandwiches for weight loss.

Pay attention to the thickness and size of the slices.  Remember that portion size is key.  If the bread you’re working with is quite large, consider using one slice – cut in half – to create your whole sandwich.  Or, even better, create it with two slices but cut it in half and share with someone else!

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

After choosing your bread it’s time to think about condiments. Mayonnaise, even in the healthiest, extra-virgin olive oil, low in saturated fat versions are not always the way to go for weight loss. Pay attention to the label to see what ingredients, fats, sugars and sodium your condiments of choice may contain.  You might find that there are some far better options that can offer just as much flavor.

For instance, instead of using mayonnaise choose something lower in calories but still bursting with taste, such as mustard.  Next time you look in your fridge, check out the label on your mustard bottle. You’ll likely start using it much more often!

Your Filling

Next it’s time to think about fillers, your meats, cheeses, vegetables, and other odds and ends.

If you are choosing a sandwich with meat, the best meats for weight loss are tuna, salmon, chicken breast and turkey. Also when choosing a meat for weight loss it is important to stay away from processed. If it’s possible you should have deli cut or home-cooked meets on your sandwiches for weight loss.

It’s important if you choose to use cheese, to use cheese lower in fat and calories such as low-fat mozzarella. It is equally important not to go overboard on the cheese, as it is high in calories and fat.

You can also choose to put other things in your sandwich such as olives, pickles, and cucumbers- all foods that have added health benefits when eaten in moderation can keep you full longer so you eat less.

Add Veggies!

Another important thing when you’re making a sandwich is to load up on as many vegetables and fruits as possible. If you’re having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you can choose to throw some bananas on it. If you have a meat sandwich you can add onions, banana peppers, green peppers, tomatoes, as well as garlic.

Go for Whole Foods in Sandwiches for Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight your sandwich should not have things that are highly refined or processed. You should also steer clear of things that have tons of ingredients, such as mayonnaise. Many people choose to put oil on their sandwich, however, when you are watching your waistline this is something to avoid. Also avoid adding any salt or high sodium items. Processed meats are high in sodium and should be avoided at all costs. Also, white bread is extremely refined and has very little health benefits. It is best to choose a jelly or jam that is low in sugar and as natural as possible. You may even choose to make your own.

It is entirely possible to lose weight and enjoy some of your favorite foods. Sometimes all it takes is a little tweaking and some healthy alternatives. Sandwiches don’t have to be unhealthy, but even healthy sandwiches should be in moderation. If you make your sandwiches for weight loss correctly, it can be high in nutritional value, while still not breaking the bank in calories and fat.

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