Satiating Morning Meals That Keep You Going for Longer

Satiating Morning Meals for weight lossWhen you want to keep going all day long, start with satiating morning meals. After all, as the saying goes “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” This is particularly true when you’re working on weight management.

If you’re trying to keep your weight and health on track, you need to start the day properly. This means that you need to focus on nutrition and making sure you won’t suffer from unnecessary hunger. This is possible. The key is to make the right choices.

What Goes Into Satiating Morning Meals?

A great breakfast that will take care of your hunger while giving you great nutrition has certain characteristics. A well balanced breakfast will contain lean protein or low fat dairy, whole grains and fruit. This combination provides a spectrum of benefits.

These foods in satisfying morning meals offer your body complex carbs, protein and touch of dietary fat. In this way, you’ll get the energy you need right off the bat. Furthermore, you’ll delay your hunger pangs so you’ll be less likely to overeat mid-morning or at lunchtime. Fortunately, many of these foods are super-quick to prepare. This makes them easy even on busy mornings.

Great Examples of Foods for Satisfying Morning Meals

• Eggs – These compact little protein bundles can easily be considered superfoods. They’re chock full of lean protein, amino acids, omega 3s, vitamins and minerals. Skip the urge to eat just the whites. The yolks may contain cholesterol (though a healthy adult can easily eat a daily egg yolk without cholesterol problems), but it’s also where the vast majority of the protein and nutrients are found.

• Greek yogurt and berries – Greek style yogurt is a thick and creamy treat at breakfast time. The key to turning it into one of your favorite satisfying morning meals is to buy the plain type of the yogurt and add fresh berries. The flavored types of yogurt are packed with sugar. They are about as healthy as chocolate pudding. Instead, get plain and add as many berries as you want. This can include half a banana for added potassium.

• Whole grain toast with nut butter – If you enjoy eating toast in the morning, then you’re already on the right track. Just make sure your top satisfying morning meals are made with whole grain bread. Add some pure nut butter (not sweetened with sugars) to top it off. You’ll have lots of great complex carbs, proteins and healthy fats.

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