What You Need to Know about Saturated Fats and Your Health

Saturated Fats and Your HealthThe unhealthy character of certain fats may seem common knowledge, but not everyone realizes the specific connections between saturated fats and your health. This is important to know as many of us allow ourselves to make bad food choices that we excuse as being isolated in nature. Though you may think that eating the wrong food here and there is fine, this can all accumulate and cause you bigger problems later on. Saturated fats are most commonly linked to weight gain and related issues, so you may end up with severe health problems if you don’t get your unhealthy fat intake under control. Even if you think that you have a handle on your fat intake, think again and review the facts.

The connection between saturated fats and your health starts with the fact that saturated fats do nothing to help you nutritionally. They offer absolutely no health benefits, and they can really hurt you each time you consume them. These fats are usually found in fried foods, junk food, and processed foods, which tend to be virtually void of needed nutrients. Think of these foods as not only diet sabotage but also health sabotage, chipping away at your overall well-being. Such foods are not worth the calorie and fat intake; their effects on your body are only negative.

Nothing Good and Everything Bad

The biggest connection, though, between saturated fats and your health is truly what happens in the long term. When you eat these foods frequently, they undermine your heart health. You might find that you end up with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These conditions damage your heart, and you may even develop heart disease or other, related health problems later in life. So while it may not seem like a big problem now, those moments of dietary indiscretion will really come back to hurt you later. It’s important to make good, healthy choices in the here and now to benefit your body now and well into the long term.

Though you may not give much thought to the connection between saturated fats and your health, you must be cognizant of the relationship. Foods high in saturated fat will never help you and only hurt you, so they should be avoided at all costs. Though you may think that you are in control of your normal diet overall, just a few of these foods here and there can add up and hurt you. In the long term, they will put you at risk for significant health problems. In the short term, they can cause you to gain weight and experienced diminished energy. Make wise, healthy choices and you can break the cycle. Learn to take care of yourself!

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