Short Workouts That Really Work for Weight Loss

short workouts to save time

Sometimes it’s easy to get so busy with school, work, family, and friends that at the end of the day, there probably is not much time for yourself. However, it is possible to have an do effective short workouts in as little as 5 minutes. You can hit almost all the major muscle groups in that time. There are also fat burning cardio workouts that will torch fat in 15 minutes. Engaging in one of these activities daily will ensure that you lose the unwanted weight.

These short workouts are perfect for blasting the weight right off:

5-minute workout:

Minute 1– Clean and press:

First, stand with feet shoulder width apart, 2 lb dumbbells near each foot.
Then, squat down, grab the dumbbells, bring them up to your knees.
After, stand up, bring dumbbells to hips.
Lastly, raise the weights to your shoulders, then over your head. Repeat.

Minute 2 – Side lunge and row:

First, stand with feet shoulder width apart, hold 2 lb dumbbells in each hand, hands to your sides.
Then, step with right foot out to the right, bend right knee, keeping your left leg straight.
Lastly, draw left elbow back, keeping butt and abs tight. Repeat on other side.

Minute 3 – Jump rope

Minute 4 – Single leg deadlift with kick back:

  • Stand, feet hip width apart, holding 2 lb dumbbells in each hand.
  • Bend elbows at 90-degree angles, your hand should be close to you rib cage.
  • Then bend right leg behind you and bend forward slowly from the hips.
  • As you do this straighten your arms out next to your hips.
  • Slowly return and then repeat.

Minute 5 – Jumping jacks.

15-minute fat burners

Another of the best short workouts can be done in as little as 15 minutes. It is your day’s cardio in a tiny 15-minute window.

  • Minute 1- stretch
  • Minute 2- walk in place
  • Minute 3- squats
  • Minute 4- dumbbell squats
  • Minute 5- dumbbell shoulder press
  • Minute 6- dumbbell shoulder press
  • Minute 7- dumbbell deadlift
  • Minute 8- dumbbell deadlift
  • Minute 9- push ups
  • Minute 10- push ups
  • Minute 11- knee high run in place
  • Minute 12- knee high run in place
  • Minute 13- knee high run in place
  • Minute 14- knee high run in place
  • Minute 15- burpees

Then take a couple minutes to stretch again and cool down.

When life is pulling you in every direction and you feel like there is just no time for you or your fitness, remember you only need a few minutes to burn fat. If you find yourself without much time to exercise there are also fat burning foods as well.

When you add fat burning foods to this fitness regime you will lose more weight than if you exercised for hours and ate your normal diet. This combination of both strength and cardio in this high intensity training format really makes this short workout effective. These short workouts that really work for weight loss are simple, require very little gym equipment, and are quick.

Complete Your Lifestyle

As great as these exercises are – and as effective as they really can be – it’s vital to remember that weight loss requires a complete healthy lifestyle.  Exercise alone won’t get you to your goal.  It needs to work in conjunction with a number of other healthy efforts.  These include:

  • Your diet – What you eat plays the largest role in your ability to lose weight. Be sure to complement your short workouts with the right meals and snacks for your best results. After all, if you’re eating far too many calories every day, it doesn’t matter how many exercises you do, it won’t be enough to get you to your goal.  Focus on whole foods and making nutrient-dense, delicious choices.
  • Stress control – Stress is one of the factors that can cause the most harm to your weight loss efforts. That said, it can even increase your risk of injury while doing workouts because your muscles are tight when you start. Work on adequate stress control as a component of your weight loss efforts.
  • Restful sleep – Get the most out of your short workouts by getting restful sleep on a regular basis.  Most of us don’t make a priority of sleep as often as we should.  By sleeping well, you’ll perform better during your exercises.  Moreover, when you have the energy you need, you’ll be motivated to do the exercises in the first place.  Even better?  When you work out, you’ll be setting yourself up for a better sleep at night.  These two factors play together to help make you healthier, reduce your stress and control your weight.
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