Things to Consider Before Starting a Running Routine

Starting a Running RoutineStarting a running routine is generally considered to be a wise decision for health-conscious people. It can help you lose weight, get into better shape, and improve your cardiovascular system, just to name a few of its many benefits. However, just as with anything else, there are some drawbacks. Before you decide on your new running regimen, consider these four important factors:

1. Your Physical Abilities

We would all like to say that we can run a four-minute mile, but that is just not possible for everyone. Each of us has our own unique skill set, and while some people can run for a long time, other people simply cannot. Responsibly starting a running routine is not as difficult as you might think, but still you have to be honest with yourself about your abilities. Take it easy at first and then work up your endurance over time.

2. Any Injuries You Have Sustained

Okay, so you have been feeling pretty good lately, and you think that it is finally time to consider starting a running routine. Perhaps you got hurt a while back, and you believe that you are in top shape again. You are going to want to be sure about that before you take off running. Old injuries can show back up if you are not careful, and if you don’t run correctly, then you could suffer from some new ones as well. Just consider your body’s condition before and during your run, and you should be alright.

3. The Doctor’s Orders

If you are seeing a doctor for any reason, then it would be a good idea to get his or her professional advice before starting a running routine of any kind. Your healthcare expert has your best interest in mind, which means that if running is not a good idea, you will be told about it. Although running is a relatively healthy activity, it is still better to be safe than sorry.

4. Your Personal Goals

You may be starting a running routine because you want to lose weight or get into better shape, but have you considered any of the alternatives? Running and jogging can take their toll on your knees, hips, and joints. If this is already a problem for you, then running might not be a good idea. Think about that before you begin!

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