Easy Steps to Eat Clean Without Missing Out on July 4th

Steps to Eat Clean on July 4thDid you know that if you take the right steps to eat clean, you can even be healthy on July 4th? It’s true! This Independence Day, you can celebrate our great country without sacrificing your diet.

At the same time, it’s important to recognize that taking the right steps to eat clean doesn’t just mean boring food. You’re not going to be left watching everyone eat all your favorites while you munch on a bowl of kale. You also won’t find yourself standing there with a growling stomach because there aren’t any options for you to be able to eat.

Use These Steps to Eat Clean on July 4th

The first and most important of the steps to eat clean is to abandon your assumptions. Stop simply assuming eating cleanly means boring. It doesn’t mean bland. It also doesn’t mean hunger. Once you step past these assumptions, you’ll open your mind to better ways to enjoy your goal.


Now you’re ready for some great steps to eat clean and still enjoy your food before you watch the fireworks.

• Eat before the party

One of the best tips you can follow before this or any other party is to eat before you head out the door. Have a good-size meal that follows every single one of your steps to eat clean. Make it the most perfect example of clean eating you can. That way, you won’t be as hungry when you are at the party. You’ll need less food to stay satisfied. That way, you can be happy with the cleaner options or, if you do eat a few treats, you won’t have much.

• Go with a plan

Decide ahead of time what types of foods you want to have. Even if you don’t know what’s being served, have certain strategies in mind. For instance, your salad might make up most of your plate (and this doesn’t mean creamy pasta salad). Know what types of treats you’ll allow yourself and how much you’re permitted. Absolutely adore hot dogs? One won’t ruin everything. Can’t get enough of strawberry shortcake? Plan to split a serving with someone and savor your half.

• Drink water

Even if the food available isn’t exactly on your top steps to eat clean, you can still improve your eating by choosing only water to drink. Soda and alcohol will rapidly spike your blood sugar, dehydration and are unhealthy overall. By skipping those beverages and choosing water, you’ll automatically keep things cleaner.

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