5 Tips to Stick to Long Term Weight Loss Strategies

How to Stick to Long Term Weight LossBeing able to stick to a long term weight loss plan doesn’t sound like something impossible. However, trying to put that into action is something else altogether. The majority of us don’t stay at the same weight as the years go by. We gain a few, lose some, and gain some more.

Unfortunately, rising and falling body weight is hard on our bodies. Instead of thinking of dropping the pounds as a short term goal, we need to learn to stick to long term weight loss. This means that as soon as you decide you need to drop the pounds, you must have forever in mind.

Your efforts don’t stop just because you’ve reached your goal weight. That’s only the beginning. From that point on, you need to keep it off! It’s a good thing you’ll have the following tips on your side to keep you on track!

Tip 1 to Stick to Long Term Weight Loss – Buddy Up

When you’re the only one telling yourself to stick to long term weight loss, it’s easy to break the rules on days when you’re not as motivated. Plan ahead and buddy up with someone you know is as driven as you are to keep going. This way, you’ll be accountable to both yourself and your buddy. Even if you wouldn’t mind letting yourself down, you can’t let your buddy down!

Tip 2 to Stick to Long Term Weight Loss – Inform Yourself

Don’t try to do something as complex as changing your lifestyle without the right information to guide you. Start learning and keep doing it. Talk to your doctor. If you can, talk to a physical trainer and a nutritionist or dietician, too. Start reading articles from trusted sources and keep reading. You don’t need to spend hours at it every day but do it regularly.

Tip 3 to Stick to Long Term Weight Loss – Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

You are your own person with your own goals, shape and priorities. Comparing yourself to others is only setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. Love yourself and treat yourself fairly. Keep on track and stop trying to be someone else.

Tip 4 to Stick to Long Term Weight Loss – Stay Positive After Setbacks

Setbacks are going to happen. Accept that fact even before you get started. When they happen, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, learn from what happened and put a smile on your face. You’re ready to get going again.

Tip 5 to Stick to Long Term Weight Loss – Special Occasions Aren’t Setbacks

When you’re thinking long term, one day of partying and celebrating won’t hurt anything. You don’t need to deprive yourself of everything forever. Enjoy yourself on special occasions and holidays. That said, stick to long term weight loss strategies the rest of the time.

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