Under-Appreciated Summer Veggies You Should Be Eating

Under-Appreciated Summer VeggiesAlmost every one of the summer veggies you consume provides you a host of nutrients and vitamins. This is why you should make it a point to include vegetables in every meal. The fiber in vegetables helps enhance the digestive system as well. All the veggies you consume have nutritional benefits, but there are some that you should consider consuming more than others.

Don’t Miss These Summer Veggies This Year

Let’s look at some of the under-appreciated summer veggies you should be eating:


Cucumber is the best vegetable you can eat in the summer. This is because it is over 90 percent water. Cucumbers should be eaten raw to provide adequate hydration. This is especially helpful in the summer as there is a constant risk of dehydration.

Another reason to consume cucumbers is because they contain vitamin C, which promotes skin and tissue repair. Many people eat cucumbers after peeling the skin off. However, they should be eaten with the skin as the skin contains potassium and magnesium. In addition, the skin is fiber, which is excellent for digestive health.


Another veggie that is great to eat in the summer is eggplant, also known as brinjal. This vegetable contains antioxidants and a significant quantity of fiber. In addition, eggplant is rich in potassium, vitamin K, vitamin C, and many other vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants in eggplant are also known to lower the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

There are many benefits of consuming eggplant. However, there are certain things you should keep in mind. If you are suffering from gallbladder or kidney issues, you should avoid eating this vegetable. The best part about consuming eggplant is that it has a limited number of calories. If you are on a strict weight-loss regimen, eating eggplant won’t disrupt it.


Tomatoes are one of the most beneficial summer veggies you should consume. The main reason you should include tomatoes in your diet is because they help reduce the risk of cancer. Tomatoes are especially good for people suffering from cardiac issues or diabetes.

Tomato is rich in many vitamins and nutrients. Tomatoes can be a great source of vitamin C, vitamin K and also vitamin A. In addition, tomatoes contain magnesium and fiber. Tomatoes are also great for cooling you down on warm summer days.

Green Beans

Vitamin K is great for promoting healthy bone growth and blood clotting. This is why you should be consuming green beans. Not only is this veggie rich in vitamin K but it also contains vitamins C and A. These vitamins are helpful for skin and eye health, respectively. In addition, you will get potassium and magnesium through green beans.

Peas (the often-forgotten summer veggies)

Peas have developed a terrible reputation from childhoods of having been forced to eat canned or boiled mushy peas that we just didn’t like. That said, peas are one of the best ways to get these summer veggies back into our diets in a delicious way.

The next time you’re at the farmer’s market, pick up a pint of these little vegetable gems.  If they’re still in the pod, all the better. Sugar snap peas come in a pod that is edible, which means more food for your dollar.  That said, other varieties without an edible pod can be great, too. They’re all high in fiber and can be eaten raw! In fact, if you don’t like them cooked, try them raw. It’s an entirely different and far sweeter experience.

Those with an edible pod make these summer veggies the perfect alternative to chips.  On their own or dipped in a low-cal salad dressing, they are refreshing and delicious. Those that need to be shelled are a great alternative to eating peanuts. They give the same experience of cracking open the shell and eating the insides, at a tiny fraction of the fat and calories. These are a real hit for kids and adults alike and give you a real boost in vitamins C and E, lots of fiber, and zinc, too!

If you want to be healthy this summer, you should consider eating these summer veggies.

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