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Lose Weight for Health not Looks

Americans Lose Weight for Health WAY More Than Looks, says Mayo Clinic Study

The vast majority of Americans are trying to lose weight for health, not looks, despite what ads for products promising that “bikini body” might be targeting. A recent Mayo Clinic Diet survey called the “Diet Mindset Assessment” of more than 200,000 people in the United States revealed that people aren’t focusing on their appearance as their main reason for trying to lose excess body fat. Instead, by a long shot, people are trying to support their wellness.

Use Laughter to Lose Excess Weight

How Laughter Works to Help You Lose Excess Weight

Laughter is a sign of happiness and a healthy heart. When you are happy, you are more inclined to do the things that will make you feel and look better. This includes losing excess weight. It is because of this that laughter therapy is being developed as a way to help people lose extra pounds. This may seem too good to be true, but this method has proven successful, as most people are not able to lose excess weight that they put on due to depression and stress. Check out the difference laughing on a regular basis can make to your wellness and bodyweight control.

Shorter Exercise Sessions

How Multiple, Shorter Exercise Sessions Are Better Than One Long Session

We are so often conditioned to believe that we need to hit the gym hard and for a long time, but shorter exercise sessions may be preferable. This is counterintuitive for many people as they assume that to get fit and change their bodies, they need to work out for hours at a time. This simply isn’t true! It’s about what you are doing for your exercise and how you are working the body.

Popular weight gain Prescriptions

Popular Prescriptions That Can Cause Weight Gain

In the U.S., about 70 percent of people are in the overweight category. The ironic part is that the drugs that are prescribed to treat these obesity-linked conditions can themselves be the cause of weight gain. Doctors prescribe different medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression, resulting in the metabolism getting weaker. These conditions also have an emotional impact on a person and sometimes result in the person developing an eating disorder.

Ways to Lose Weight this year

Top 5 Ways to Lose Weight in the New Year

Do your New Year resolutions include losing the unhealthy weight you have piled up, or do you want to stay healthy to keep obesity and other diseases at bay? Congratulations, as by deciding this you have already taken the first step towards a healthy life and managing your weight.

Ruining Holiday Weight Loss

Is Your Holiday Weight Loss Strategy Ruining Your December?

Do you have a holiday weight loss goal this year? Are you determined not to let this December do the same thing to you that previous Decembers have done? Are you focused on ending this year better than you started it, getting closer to your target body weight, instead of further away from it? If so, you may be setting yourself up to feel unhappy, deprived and miserable. 

Your Past Keeping You from Losing Weight

Can Your Past Be Keeping You from Losing Weight?

Many times, people try to lose weight at various points in their life. Each time, though, they are reminded of their previous, failed attempts at weight loss. In addition, they often try old regimens that do not work. The past can prevent you from losing weight, and it is about time you move on to a healthy future.