How to Target Belly Fat for an Ultimate Slim-Down

Target Belly Fat tipsMillions of people around the world want to target belly fat weight loss but only a few lucky ones are able to do so. Tummy trouble was rated as the number-one problem in a recent fitness poll. Belly fat isn’t just ugly to look at but according to Harvard Health Watch, it leaves one at a greater risk than fat on any other part of the body. Here are some general tips you can follow to target belly fat.

Interval Training
Get acquainted with the idea of interval training, as experts believe it is the one definite way through which you can flatten your abs. Whether you are running or squatting or doing any kind of exercise, you can merge short, high-intensity burnouts to give yourself the look you want. Not just this, but such an exercise plan will allow you to burn calories 16 hours after you are done exercising. How cool is that?

Stretching, Then Crunching
One mistake many people make without realizing it is they work on their abs without working out. As a result, they do most of their work using the hips and back. The thing is, core muscles are difficult to stimulate when the surrounding areas are still tense. Here’s how you can go about this problem.
Before starting a crunch, place a foam roller under the middle of your back where your shoulder blades are ending
With your arms up, stretch yourself back on the roller
Keep it going till you feel the middle back loosening

Coming to Terms with Olive Oil
Experts have proven olive oil contains a certain compound that causes the hormones in your stomach to signal your brain about the feeling of fullness. Eventually, it curbs your appetite and keeps you from overeating and gaining unnecessary pounds.

Altering Your Bed-Snack
Want to get rid of your calorie-burning momentum after dinner, do it with something healthy rather than calorie-oozing pizzas and pastries. You want your stomach to burn extra calories while you sleep so a good idea is to not give it more calories as a gift while it hasn’t even started to work. Banish yourself from any calorie-induced diet 2 hours before going to bed.

Getting Rid of Stress
One of the major reasons for belly fat is stress. If you truly want to target belly fat, every time you feel overworked and out-of-place, your body produces a hormone that stimulates fat storage in your stomach. So, in order to put a hold on it, you need to keep a note of all the times you feel stressed out and give yourself 5 minutes to halt those hormones from causing destruction.

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