Theobromine is in Chocolate and It’s in Diet Pills…Here’s Why

theobromineHave you been looking into weight loss products? And have you been noticing the ingredient known as Theobromine a lot while doing your research? Then you are probably wondering what this supplement is and whether or not it is a good idea to take it if you are hoping to shed some pounds. Check out the answers to these important questions below.

What Is Theobromine?

If you are in search of a weight loss ingredient that is natural, you will happy to learn that Theobromine is actually a molecule that is made by plants. It is also one of the compounds that are naturally occurring in chocolate, cocoa beans, tea, and other plant-based products.

Will Theobromine Help You Lose Weight?

Researchers have found that Theobromine is a great choice for those who wish to boost their energy without getting the same jittery feelings that they would get from other ingredients, such as the caffeine in coffee. On top of being free of jitters, though, the energy that your body can derive from Theobromine will even last over a longer period of time than it would when produced by other stimulants. This is extremely helpful for dieters who struggle with having the energy to get things done, including working out every day, particularly when they are cutting back on calories.

Beyond giving you energy, Theobromine has also been shown to create appetite suppressing effects on the body. This can help dieters eat less while still enjoying higher energy levels, thereby increasing their ability to lose more weight more easily.

When compared to caffeine and a placebo in a study, Theobromine proved its effectiveness, especially when taken daily and at a dose between 100-560 mg. At this dosage, Theobromine was able to produce greater amounts of energy than even caffeine could.

Is Theobromine Safe to Take?

When taken appropriately, Theobromine is safe for humans to consume. In fact, researchers have found that this natural ingredient even creates fewer unwanted side effects than caffeine does, while at the same time providing the same energy-boosting benefits of caffeine. It is appropriate for those who wish to lose weight but do not want to use harsh, synthetic ingredients.


Overall, Theobromine is a natural ingredient that can be found in high quality weight loss and weight management supplements. It could give you sustained, jitter-free energy, as well as help to reduce your appetite, thereby making it easier for you to slim down.

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