Tips For Winter Workouts To Keep Warm

winter workouts to keep warm Why should you focus on the right tips for winter workouts to keep warm? Wintertime is the time for hot chocolate, eggnog, family, and friends. When the weather changes and things cool off it also seems like your body says: “bring on the fat-pants!”. Well there might actually be some science behind that.

Research-Based Tips for Winter Workouts to Keep Warm

The University of Colorado researchers studied a group of 12 women and 6 men in both summer and winter months. They discovered that their production of a chemical that promotes fat storage (ATLPL), almost doubled during the winter and dropped during the summer.

So now what should you do to keep that bikini body you worked so hard for? Try some of these tips for winter workouts to keep warm.

During the winter months it is important to stay active to prevent extra fat storage. Scientists say getting 30 minutes of cardio daily is best during the cold months.

Winter Workouts that Will Warm You Up

For the months when it’s just too cold, try some of these indoor exercises:

  • Indoor cycling (this will also prep you for the slopes later on)
  • Pilates (get your heart rate up and prevent injuries while increasing your flexibility)
  • Rock climbing
  • Racquetball
  • Dancing
  • Running
  • Rowing
  • Dance cardio classes
  • Kickboxing

Many of these options are offered locally and affordably at community centers and gyms.

Don’t Let Fitness Slide When It’s Cold Out

During the winter months it is important not to neglect your strength training routine. Actually winter would be the perfect time to spend a little more time and energy on your strength training routine, this is a perfect winter workout to keep warm. It’s crucial for your bone health to keep up a weight routine throughout the winter. Strength training also helps you keep a lean body mass.

Winter workouts to keep warm outside start with dressing the part. Make sure to include multiple layers, keep motivated, and most of all keep warm. It is best to layer like so – put on a thin layer of moisture-control fabric that will draw the sweat from your body. Then, add a layer of fleece or wool to help maintain your body heat. Last, top everything off with a weatherproof jacket. And of course, earmuffs, mittens/gloves, and slip resistant shoes for the wet or icy roads.

The best winter workouts to keep warm can be done alone or can be done with family or friends.

Affordable Winter Cardio Options

Some of the outdoor activities to raise the heart rate, but require minimal equipment are:

  • Running
  • Snow hiking
  • Walking
  • Interval training
  • Building a snow fort
  • Or building a snowman

If you are looking for something sportier, here are some excellent winter workouts (some equipment required):

  • Snowboarding
  • Downhill skiing
  • Ice skating
  • Sledding

Whether you choose to stay inside or go outside to get your winter workout to keep warm, be sure to always stretch first. When dressing for the outdoors, be sure not to choose cotton as your first layer, after you sweat it will make you colder. In addition to a good stretch, make sure you stay hydrated. If you are planning outdoor activities, be sure to check your local weather report, to avoid the chills.

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