Top 5 Fitness Vloggers for Inspiration and Motivation

Top 5 Fitness Vloggers to watchYouTube has become an incredible source of information, inspiration and motivation. Watching the right fitness vloggers can help you to remain informed and interested in exercising and staying active.

That said, with thousands upon thousands of fitness vloggers from whom to choose, it can be difficult to know which ones will be best. The answer isn’t as simple as one or two people. It does depend on the type of exercises that interest you. Your personal taste is also a factor as you might find something motivational that someone else will find boring.

For that reason, you may need to check out a few different fitness vloggers before you find the right ones to motivate and inspire you.

The top fitness vloggers include:

1. Tai Lopez

His channel is built around the concept of living the “Good Life.” This involves a spectrum of different subjects, primary among which are physical and mental health, fitness, wealth, happiness and love. He is a regular guest speaker on Ted Talks and appeals to a viewer demographic in their twenties and thirties. This is a well rounded channel that understands that fitness and health is about more than just a specific exercise or workout.

2. Dana Linn Bailey

One of a small but growing category of female fitness YouTubers, she is powerful in both her body and spirit. As such, she’s seen as a solid role model with awards to back her up. She was Ms. Physique Olympia in 2013 and was the first female physique pro in the history of that organization. She talks about fitness, workouts, having a can-do attitude and loving yourself and your body.

3. Chris Legend

A fitness and motivational YouTuber in one, he makes it clear that he understands the struggles of an audience in its 20s. He provides life advice to this demographic on the subjects of health and fitness but also touches on careers, sex, happiness, money, and social anxiety. He manages to ensure that these subjects intertwine in a meaningful way to show that fitness, health and wellness are lifestyles, not individual activities.

4. Nikki Blackketter

A newer addition to the fitness vlogging scene, her popularity has been explosive. She is an online fitness coach, an NPC bikini competitor and collabs with her boyfriend, Christian Guzman, who just happens to be another huge fitness vlogging name.

5. Brandon Carter

This channel is a great place to start for anyone who is new to the gym and who wants guidance in everything from workouts to what to eat. That said, he doesn’t stop at beginner info as he makes sure his videos are informative and motivational for viewers at all fitness levels.

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