Unique Fitness Gifts to Add to Your Holiday Shopping List

Unique Fitness Gifts for the holidays If you have an active person on your shopping list this year, then you’re likely looking for some unique fitness gifts to put in his or her stocking. After all, the odds are that if they’re already into working out, then they have all the basics. They have the shoes they want, they’ve got a great playlist and at least a couple of outfits to wear.

So you’re stuck looking for unique fitness gifts they’ll actually like. Not to worry, if there’s anything today’s shoppers have available to them, it’s a plethora of options. The key is to choose the right ones.

The following unique fitness gifts are fantastic items that are both useful and affordable. They’re sure to be a hit this year whether you’re giving them to someone who is really into workouts or to someone determined to reach their New Year’s resolution for 2017.

· Full spectrum light therapy – if there’s one thing that makes workouts in the wintertime tough, it’s the blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder can drag many of us down. We’re low on sunshine and vitamin D and it can make exercising very unappealing. A bright light therapy box can help to provide an artificial version of the sun that has scientific support for its effectiveness. This can help to improve your mood, focus and energy levels.

· A hydration bottle with a water filter – refill your water bottle as often as you want without worrying about the taste of tap water. Reuse the bottle to reduce your carbon footprint. At the same time, stay hydrated, healthy and ready for that next workout.

· A fitness tracker – whether it’s a Fitbit, a Misfit, a Garmin or even an Apple Watch, this is the perfect gift for any active person who isn’t yet equipped with one. These gadgets aren’t just basic pedometers anymore. They can offer a ton of features that use Bluetooth to upload results into compatible apps on mobile devices.

· A yoga mat and case – is the person on your list still using that old blue yoga mat? Maybe it’s time for a funky new one that better reflects his or her personality. A handy case will make it much easier to bring to and from class as well.

· Phenblue – a pill made of clinically proven ingredients can help to boost energy levels while providing fat burners and appetite suppressants. Try Phenblue to help the person on your list to get faster results from every workout.

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