3 Unique Teas to Try as Part of a Healthy Diet

Healthy Unique Teas There are so many teas to choose from, all offering their own set of health benefits and flavors. But if you want to drink tea as part of a healthy diet, check out the three unique teas below. Drink these in addition to your coffee so that you can add a little more variety to your diet, especially since many teas contain natural caffeine as well.

1. Dandelion Root Tea
Dandelion root is used for a variety of purposes in holistic and herbal medicine, as it is known for its detoxifying properties and its ability to act as a natural diuretic. Studies have even found that dandelion root, and the tea that is made from it, may help to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Plus, every time you drink a cup of this unique tea, you will be getting a good dose of antioxidants that are necessary for long-term health. Enjoy this tea with some lemon and honey for a delicate, delicious flavor.

2. Nettle Tea
Another one of the popular unique teas that you should be trying is nettle tea, which is loaded with B vitamins, iron, and calcium. These nutrients help give you energy, help carry oxygen to all areas of your body, and even promote the health of your bones. Beyond that, though, nettle is recommended for those who want to lower inflammation, and it can even be used to help relieve symptoms associated with diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Blend this tea with peppermint tea or green tea to enhance its own mild flavor.

3. Fennel Tea
You may not think of tea when you are having digestive problems, but the truth is that tea can be very soothing to the stomach. If you suffer from painful gas, in particular, fennel tea can help to naturally relieve the discomfort. This is because fennel is a carminative. This tea can also aid your digestion and even relieve indigestion, as well as gently speed up the movement of food through your digestive tract, so it is helpful if you suffer from constipation too.

These are just a few unique teas that you can indulge in every day. They are easy to acquire, affordable, and easy to make, and they will provide great benefits to your overall health. Combine these with safe weight loss products like PhenBlue if you are trying to lose weight, get in shape, and get healthier than ever.

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