What You Should Know about VBLOC

VBLOC informationVBLOC is the latest and most technologically advanced weight-loss solution, which works by implanting a system known as the Maestro Rechargeable. This device, which resembles a pacemaker, is implanted without any surgical procedure through laparoscopy, the most advanced medical procedure not requiring any incisions. This is one of the ways that VBLOC is so advanced: it doesn’t require surgical procedures as do other treatments, which require a physician to implant the treatment into the patient’s body surgically.

Most weight-loss treatment of the non-surgical variety requires a person to make choices that are difficult and, as a result, requires a lot of effort on the part of the patient. However, VBLOC therapy works by blocking the signals from the vagal nerve in the body, which is responsible for making a person feel full or hungry. If you block the signals sent by this nerve, the brain cannot differentiate when it is hungry or full and as a result makes a person feel full and satisfied at all times. This eliminates cravings and reduces appetite, so the person naturally reduces portion sizes and successfully loses weight. So, as you can see, it is all taking care of itself and there is no effort required from the user.

The best part is there are minimal side-effects of the VBLOC therapy compared to all other weight-loss solutions. However, there are certain rules that make one eligible for a treatment, and not everyone can receive the therapy. One must have an appropriate profile in order to receive the VBLOC therapy. This includes a person who must have a BMI of at least 35 to 39.9 but should also have a heart or other condition, which makes the therapy necessary for his or her health. People with a BMI over 40 can get this treatment without the need for a heart condition or any other disorders to make them eligible.

The idea behind not making these procedures available for everyone is to encourage people to work to lose weight instead of going for the easy way out. However, for people who are morbidly obese, the excess weight might prove dangerous and can even prove fatal. This is why a solution like this can help them lose weight safely without any side-effects and can be used continuously until they have reached a normal weight. Then it can be removed, allowing them to learn how to cope with real hunger and satisfaction on their own without the help of VBLOC.

One of the problems many patients face once they have reached their ideal weight is to relearn how to identify hunger and deal with the pangs. Eating just enough to make them feel full without overdoing it will also prove to be a challenge for which they might need to take up therapy. Ideally, people should never use the VBLOC continuously and instead opt for an intermittent setting so they do not unlearn hunger and related symptoms. This will make removing the device easier.

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