How Much Weight Loss in 2 Weeks from Keto Dieting?

How Much Weight Loss in 2 Weeks with Keto How much weight loss can you expect to see in 2 weeks of keto dieting? That’s one of the most common questions when you’re trying to decide whether this type of eating strategy is right for you.  It is also commonplace as you work your way through that first half month.

Every Experience is Unique

As frustrating as it may be, the truth is that the amount of weight loss you’ll experience in 2 weeks of keto dieting is dependent on many different factors.  Every individual experiences things differently.  Therefore, there is no set amount of fat burning that everyone can count on achieving within any specific span of time.

Issues from your body type to the specific foods you eat and even your starting weight can all help to decide how much weight loss you’ll see in 2 weeks of keto dieting.  Get to know these factors and you may be able to help yourself to streamline your efforts and drop as much as you can as you follow this eating strategy.

Factors Affecting Your Weight Loss in 2 Weeks of Keto Dieting

Factors that can impact how much weight loss is possible for you in 2 weeks of keto dieting include the following.

  • Your medical history – Your current health issues can impact how quickly your body can burn fat. Everything from your metabolic rate to diabetes, insulin resistance or other blood sugar issues or even struggles with your thyroid can be game changers.
  • Your body composition – If you’re already relatively muscular, you’ll likely burn fat faster than if you have a lot of body fat compared to your muscle mass at the beginning.
  • Fitness or diet supplement use – If you use ketogenic diet pills, you may find it easier to achieve or maintain ketosis to improve your body’s fat burning efficiency.
  • What you eat – The accuracy of your keto diet over two weeks will certainly affect your weight loss. Moreover, if you choose nutrient dense foods over junk food, your body will be able to function more efficiently.  Tracking everything is key, particularly at the start.
  • Your workouts – Though what you eat is far more defining in a keto diet with regards to weight loss in 2 weeks, exercising also plays a role. Workouts help your overall health, burn through some calories and help your body composition to shift, building lean muscle mass as you burn away the unwanted body fat.
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