What Shouldn’t You Trust About a Weight Loss 5 Day Juice Cleanse

Should You Weight Loss 5 Day Juice CleanseA weight loss 5 day juice cleanse has come in and out of popularity for decades. They have shown phenomenal anecdotal results and not-as-great medical and scientific outcomes.  The truth of the matter isn’t as obvious as it sounds.

Yes, A Weight Loss 5 Day Juice Cleanse Can Drop Pounds

If you’ve ever watched a blogger or influencer track their results during a weight loss 5 day juice cleanse, there is absolutely no doubt that pounds can be lost.  The issue isn’t whether this strategy will make the number on the scale lower at the end than it was at the start. The issue is whether it is too harmful to be worthwhile.

Before you decide that a weight loss 5 day juice cleanse is for you, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor. Go over the benefits of this practice but take an open-minded look at the drawbacks, too.  They’re very important to acknowledge for the sake of your health.

The Potential Risks of This Type of Extreme Diet

No matter how “gentle” or “nutrient-packed” a weight loss 5 day juice cleanse claims to be, as your doctor will tell you, it is a form of extreme dieting.  They’re usually fad diets.  They involve attempting to take on a very low calorie diet without any solids for several consecutive days. Moreover, they’re often not nearly as nutritious as their promoters suggest. Have a closer look at the doctor-identified potential risks you face if you try one of these detoxes or cleanses.

  • Extremely low calorie consumption for several days can lead to short-term weight loss, but the benefit typically does not last. The weight will usually return shortly afterward.
  • Much of the lost pounds of a weight loss 5 day juice cleanse is from fluid loss. They will return with rehydration.
  • Drinking large quantities of juice can worsen kidney disorder symptoms. It can also promote the development or growth of kidney stones or other kidney problems.
  • Many people pre-prepare their juices, so they don’t need to do the prep each time they’re ready to drink another one (or purchase fresh ones, portion them and store them). This places many people at risk of infections and illnesses as bacteria can rapidly grow in fresh juices. This is particularly true for people who are young, older, or have a weakened immune system but it can affect anyone. Stored juices must be pasteurized or be otherwise treated to prevent harmful bacterial growth.
  • Many weight loss 5 day juice cleanses involve the use of laxatives or other kinds of bowel stimulation. This can lead to diarrhea, heavy fluid loss, and will usually mean that the limited nutrition that is available from juices will be lost through the stool. It also leads to imbalanced electrolytes and dehydration.

The very low-calorie content of these cleanses can bring on an array of unpleasant side effects that are highly common, including headache, diarrhea, fainting, weakness, dehydration, low energy, moodiness and hunger.

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