How to Reach the Last Weight Loss of 5 Pounds

Weight Loss of 5 Pounds If you’ve been dieting for some time, then you know how hard weight loss of that last 5 pounds can be.  It can feel baffling that you’ve found an effective strategy that has taken you this far and you seem to be stuck at that last handful of pounds before you can reach your goal.  It is an extremely commonplace occurrence. You are far from alone.

That Last 5 Pounds of Weight Loss

For many people, the last 5 pounds of weight loss feels as though it may as well be 50.  It is quite normal for a plateau to happen within the final 10 pounds and particularly when you’re closing in on that ultimate goal.

There are many reasons to explain this, but fortunately there are also many ways for you to overcome it so that you can put yourself on the right track toward reaching that goal.

How to Achieve Weight Loss of Your Last 5 Pounds

As you approach your ideal body weight, there are many changes that take place.  Your metabolism changes, your fitness level has likely improved, and your body mass is smaller than it was when you got started.  As a result, the tried and true methods you have been using for successful weight loss until now may not be working the same way for the last 5 pounds.

Does this mean you need to overhaul your entire strategy just to reach that last 5 pounds of weight loss? Not at all.  However, it does mean that you should probably take a closer look at what you’re doing so that you can tweak things here and there and make them more effective.  At this point, it’s the small details that matter.

Therefore, if you have been letting a few things slide because you’re so close to your goal, you’re going to want to change that habit and get back into full gear again. At the same time, if you’ve been maintaining that same workout routine the entire time, it could be that your improved fitness level has reduced the fat burning impact of that workout.

Try making it a bit more challenging to bring the burn back. That might mean walking a little faster or doing a few more reps in your strength training.  Make sure that the routine you’re doing now works as well for you as it did when you first started. It needs to be challenging or that last 5 pounds of weight loss will remain elusive.

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