Does a Weight Loss Belt Really Work?

Does a Weight Loss Belt Work?A weight loss belt, also called slimming belts or compression belts, may be marketed as the latest product, but they’ve technically been around for centuries.  These come in many different forms, but overall, they’re a product that must be worn either all day long or at least throughout the length of workouts in the hopes of reducing body fat levels.

That said, if you’re wondering if the claim of wearing a weight loss belt around your middle all day to lose the pounds is a little unrealistic, you’re not the only one.  Before you take out your wallet and spend your day in discomfort from being squashed, have a closer look at what they can really provide.

What is a Weight Loss Belt?

Infomercials and online ads love to focus on the weight loss belt.  They’re simple looking and promise that you’ll drop extra pounds simply by wearing them around your middle throughout the day or while doing your workouts.

The claim is that by wearing a weight loss belt and its non-breathable material, you will sweat more in that specific area.  This will encourage you to drop more of the water weight you’re carrying and, therefore, slim down.

What Won’t a Slimming Belt Do?

If you’ve been hoping for a device, gadget, or piece of clothing that will help you to reduce body fat faster, you’ll be out of luck with a weight loss belt.  At best, and only in ideal circumstances, one of these products will indeed promote some water loss. Worn long enough through the right workouts and hydration strategy, it may even cause you to sweat enough that you’ll be able to detect with a measuring tape.

However, it’s very important to note that any of the pounds or size lost is only fluid loss.  These products do not promote fat loss.  Therefore, even if a weight loss belt does work, its effects are only temporary.  Once you rehydrate properly, most, if not all of your lost size will return.

Moreover, in many cases, when only a belt is worn, any reduction you experience from all that sweating will be too small to be measured.  Often, for this type of effect to work, nearly the entire body would need to be wrapped up for far greater quantities of sweat. Furthermore, it would be more effective if used in conjunction with a substantial cardio workout that would cause you to sweat more anyway.  Alternately, you might be required to sit in a sauna for a few minutes to encourage copious sweating.

Avoiding Dehydration

It is very important to continue drinking water throughout the use of this type of product.  This will not cause you to retain more water but will instead avoid dehydration which can be dangerous to your health.

Overall, a weight loss belt will likely not bring you the type of lasting reductions in size and pounds that you’re hoping for.  It’s far healthier and produces more lasting results if you adopt lifestyle changes that promote improved weight management.

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  • I agree with your last paragraph to the tee. It is our consistency in adopting healthy lifestyle changes that will transform your life and help you lose weight, and not just some device, diet or procedure.


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