How to Set and Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

Meet Your Weight Loss GoalsA research conducted in 2001 at the University of Pennsylvania shows that most overweight people set goals for losing weight that are way above what is generally required to stay healthy. They don’t just see themselves as normal healthy people when they set their weight loss goals. In fact, they expect to achieve a supermodel body overnight. They usually plan to lose up to 32% of their total body mass. In most cases, this amount comprises of three times extra the amount needed to be fit and healthy.

However, it was obvious that most people who begin to lose weight end up staying the same over the next few years. It doesn’t mean they don’t put in the effort required but the problem is with their weight loss goals. This research is still applicable today as most of the times people set idealistic goals which are humanly impossible to achieve unless you’re doing so for a competition. Otherwise, losing 30% of your weight in a short time isn’t an easy task while maintaining the same regular schedule. In order to set and meet your weight loss goals, you should start working on the following strategies:

Set Mini Targets
Setting idealistic weight loss goals is easy, sounds fun, and gives you the motivation to hit the gym regularly as you can see a massive improvement in your life from different aspects. However, working on these goals isn’t as easy as planning them. So, instead of setting big targets which you fail to achieve, consequently leading you to give up, you should set tiny, attainable goals which yield results. The results may not be as great as you expected but at least you will make progress.

Prepare Your Plan According to Your Body
Your age, height, weight, and lifestyle all affect your weight. To set realistic goals, you must consider all these factors. Know your calorie count, which is essential for losing weight, note down your body measurements, take pictures of yourself without clothes on to analyze which areas of your body need your attention first, and then make a plan.

Go Slow & Steady
Remember, nothing is more important for achieving your weight loss goals than consistency. Maintaining consistency is easier if you are following the first two tips for effective weight loss. It is important to go slow because eventually your motivation level goes down and you won’t be able to continue at the same pace. When you are going slowly, it’s easier to convince your mind to get to work.

Of course, losing weight quickly is not easy, so you will have to alter your lifestyle to a certain extent. Rest assured, the effort you put in is well worth your while.

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