Is Weight Loss Hypnosis a Real Thing?

Does weight loss hypnosis work?Weight loss hypnosis is a technique that frequently makes the rounds in dieting circles. While it would be easy to think that it would somehow claim to help people to magically lose pounds of body fat, the true claim is something much more reality based. Practitioners don’t promise miracle results (at least, the ethical ones don’t). Instead, their practice is designed to help you to change the habits you keep in your everyday life and that contribute to weight control.

Can Weight Loss Hypnosis Help You to Change Your Ways?

Some evidence is starting to show that weight loss hypnosis can help to provide dieters with assistance as they work to change their lifestyle habits. These can include behaviors such as preparing more healthy foods at home, exercising more, and so on.  That said, the evidence is still early.  There has yet to be any solid research that would suggest that this is a beneficial option over the long-term.

It is usually practiced by a highly trained therapist who would bring you into a relaxed state using therapeutic techniques and words.  It might also require you to participate in self-talk, guided relaxation, visualization exercises, and there might also be music involved.  Once you have arrived at the altered state of consciousness, you might experience an enhanced level of focus that offers you greater openness to change.

It is at this time that proponents indicate that a person is better able to reach into their own resources to make dietary changes, exercise more frequently, and overcome the barriers standing in their own way.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Isn’t the TV Stereotype

The process used in hypnosis for weight loss has nothing to do with the stereotype that has been perpetuated over TV shows for decades.  At no point do you lose all control over your actions and will. At no point are you under the hypnotist’s control.  Instead, you are at a higher capacity for responding to suggestions. As a result, you might become more receptive to the lifestyle or dietary changes suggested by your health care professional.

Research shows that using hypnosis for weight loss can be considered to be a safe treatment to be used in conjunction with more conventional strategies such as diet changes, exercise, and added support from the best diet pills that work. That said, the studies remain preliminary and have yet to show long-term effects that you would be able to rely on to lose the weight and keep it off.

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