Dos and Don’ts for Weight Loss Motivation

Maintain Weight Loss MotivationWhen you are trying to lose weight, there are many factors you should consider. If you are careful about these things, you will be properly motivated to continue losing weight. Let’s look at the dos and don’ts for weight loss motivation:

Don’t Focus on Weight

The first thing you should concentrate on is losing fat. But most people make the mistake of focusing on weight, and they quit eating altogether. Do keep in mind that weight loss and fat loss are two different things. If you starve yourself, you will lose weight; however, you will not only be losing fat but muscle as well. If you want proper weight loss motivation, you should not focus on losing weight. Instead, concentrate on eating healthy and reducing your calorie intake. This will help you lose fat and retain muscle. You will also notice a significant weight reduction right away.

Do Monitor Your Success Daily

Most people monitor their success on a weekly or monthly basis. This is not a problem, but it makes tracking your progress rather difficult. You won’t know if your weight loss efforts are taking you in the right direction. Therefore, monitor your success on a daily basis instead. You should weigh yourself in the mornings daily. Make sure you are wearing the same clothes when you weigh yourself each time. Weighing yourself in the morning ensures you get an accurate weight reading because your body has the least amount of water in the morning. If you weigh yourself during the day, you will have food and water in your system and will notice a heavier weight. This way, you will know for sure if your weight loss efforts aren’t sufficient.

Don’t Avoid Eating Foods You Crave

If you want proper weight loss motivation, you should avoid giving up foods you crave. If you avoid foods you love, your cravings will become intense, and you will eventually give up on your efforts. This is why you should have a cheat meal every once in a while. But be sure to pair your favorite high-calorie foods with a healthy, fiber-rich diet to make sure you do not eat too much.

Do Find Motivation to Help You Lose Weight

Every individual has something that motivates him or her to continue losing weight. But bear in mind that the motivation should be long-term. In most cases people, want to slim down for a party they want to attend or to achieve a beach body for the summer. They reduce a significant amount of weight in the short run. However, as soon as the event passes, they go back to their old eating habits. Instead of setting short-term goals, you should set long-term goals to get adequate weight loss motivation.

Don’t Focus on Calories Alone

Focus on calories, but also consider the foods you are consuming. If calories are your only concern, you won’t be able to change your eating habits. Instead of focusing purely on calories, alter your eating habits and focus on healthy foods. This will help you lose weight quicker and keep it off for good.

Follow these dos and don’ts of weight loss to continue losing weight in a healthy manner.

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