How to Win the Mental Battle for Permanent Weight Loss Results

Permanent Weight Loss ResultsWhen you’ve achieved your first weight loss results milestone or when you’ve reached your goal, it can be one of the greatest feelings in the world. Equally, when the lost pounds start climbing back on, it can be devastating. As hard as you’ve worked to find your way to a healthy BMI, the challenges may continue steadily as you work to maintain it. In this way, it’s just as much a matter of a physical effort as it is a mental battle.

While it may seem as though it’s a good idea to place all your efforts on continuing to count calories, keep up healthful eating habits and push yourself through your workouts if you want to keep up your weight loss results, you need to take on the mental and emotional side, as well. If you don’t, your habits can’t continue to be a natural part of your day and you’ll always feel as though you’re facing them as a struggle instead of a regular day that will automatically keep the weight under control.

Research has shown that after a year has gone by with the steady use of good nutrition and exercise habits, one can train the body to lose and maintain weight more naturally and easily. However, until that point is reached, you need to keep up the good fight to hold onto your weight loss results.

The key is to make the habits more appealing to keep up over the long term. Don’t try to do anything too extreme. Don’t try to overhaul everything you’re doing in your life. It will only make things harder. Instead, it’s better to choose the strategies that have worked for you so far and simply stick with them. Keep them up. If there are changes to be made, you can tweak them, of course, but otherwise it is best to keep up the plan that allowed you to arrive at your goal in the first place.

Don’t forget that when you’re fighting the mental battle, rewards are always necessary. Give yourself something to earn and something to look forward to. Motivation can often help you to overcome any other challenge you’re facing in your weight maintenance when it comes to the mental battle.

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