Here’s Why Your Weight Loss Struggle Does NOT Mean You’re Lazy

Why You Face a Weight Loss StruggleThe weight loss struggle is real. That said, not everyone understands that, meaning that people facing that considerable challenge can be the target of substantial judgment. This can turn a difficult time in a person’s life into a frustrating and disheartening one, as well. It can cut into motivation, self confidence and self image.  For that reason, it’s important to remind yourself that you are not alone in finding it difficult to lose weight. Anyone who judges you for finding it challenging is, put simply, absolutely wrong.

There Are Many Reasons for a Weight Loss Struggle

There are some people who simply do not face a weight loss struggle in their lives.  That said, they are in the minority.  Most people who have to try to drop some extra pounds will face some challenges.  This is a difficult process for a wide spectrum of reasons.  For one thing, it requires changes in some fundamental lifestyle habits.  This means building new habits and breaking old ones.  Anyone who has tried to break a habit or start a new one knows that this is not something that usually happens overnight.

This, on top of the fact that there are many physical and mental symptoms experienced during a weight loss struggle, ranging from hunger to food cravings and from mood swings to downright exhaustion.  All this, for a process that is gradual and not something that provides instant rewards. Moreover, there are many times when you feel as though you’re doing everything right, only to see no difference on the bathroom scale or, after all that battle for a week, you may even have gained a pound.

This, in addition to the judgment and opinions everyone always has to share when you’re in the middle of your weight loss struggle, can be discouraging to say the least.

Tips to Overcome Some of the Top Challenges

To help to get through some of the most uncomfortable challenges associated with trying to lose weight, consider the following tips.

  1. Prioritize your sleep – It doesn’t seem like much, but its impact is enormous. If you’re not getting enough sleep (or if you’re getting far too much, for that matter), then your body will automatically release hormones that will not only make you hungrier, but that will make you crave foods that are fatty, sugary and salty. It’s no coincidence that the last thing you want to eat when you’re exhausted is a green salad. Use gentle sleep aid pills to help set your sleeping and waking clock (circadian rhythms) so you’ll be able to rest more naturally over time. It will make a substantial difference you’ll be able to feel.
  2. Bust your stress – You can’t always control the fact that there will be stress in your life. That said, you can practice stress management habits to keep it within a more manageable range. This way, you’ll reduce the weight loss struggles associated with stress, such as food cravings, a lack of motivation to exercise, and a lack of sleep for that matter.
  3. Choose your foods wisely – You do not need to starve yourself. You don’t need to give up all the foods you love. That said, be reasonable about them. If a food is supposed to be a treat, don’t have it all the time. Fill half your plate with veggies and eat those first, so the other foods you have at mealtime will fill you up without risking overeating.
  4. Get support – Just because some people aren’t understanding or supportive, it doesn’t mean you’re alone. Talk to friends and family who have similar views to yours about losing weight. Join a free weight loss forum. That way, you’ll be able to give and receive support and find it much smoother to get past those weight loss struggles.
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