Tips for Weight Loss That Lasts Forever

Weight Loss That Lasts foreverFluctuating scales due to weight going up and down like a yoyo is a common issue for thousands of Americans. You get motivated, subscribe to a diet, jump on an exercise plan, shed the pounds and relax, only to find yourself staring in disbelief at the needle on the scale. What happened to all of the hard work and effort you put in? Perhaps it’s time to rethink your weight loss process. There are numerous methods to achieve weight loss that lasts forever, but you have to grab the bull by the horns to get anywhere in this field and we will show you how to get there.

Once your body is beyond the 30-year old mark, your metabolism slows down, which automatically means you need to exercise more and eat healthier to keep the pounds from piling on, so it’s time you stop calling it a diet. Diets by nature are for a limited time period as practically no one can stick to a strict diet forever. Unless you have ulterior motives, such as a professional athlete who needs to keep their body fit to earn their paycheck, diets are bound to fail.

The only way towards achieving weight loss that lasts permanently is to quit diets and adopt lifestyle changes. You need to stop cutting out 100% of chocolate for six months at a time and rather start cutting out 80% of the chocolate forever. The 20% is to keep you satisfied and has to be consumed on a calculated basis without overindulgence.

Goal Formulation
Your weight loss goals should be focused on the long-term. Stop with the “I need to trim down to fit in the latest skinny jeans trend.” Think out more thoughtful objectives. And no, you don’t have to conduct a brainstorming session to come up with meaningful goals! Simple ideas like “I want to have extra energy” or “I want to feel good” will work great as well. Restating your goals in this manner moves you away from time-limited short-term goals to far-sighted objectives, which will impact your life in a consequential manner. It will even assist you with sticking to life-long healthy habits as you attain weight loss that lasts forever.

Change Direction
You may have tried various weight loss techniques over the years and not all your strategies may have worked out too well. Analyze the tactics that have failed you and see if you can find a pattern of failure and plan to do the polar opposite. For instance, if you usually wake up in the morning motivated to put in a balanced day of work, with healthy food and an exercise session at the day’s end, but find yourself regularly bailing on the exercise portion of the day, it may be time to consider rescheduling your exercise in the morning when your motivation is at its peak.

Play Tricks
It’s relatively easy to plan strategies, but more difficult to put them into practice. Find effortless methods to aid your lifestyle changes. Go to bed an hour or two (if you can afford it) earlier to make it easier for you to put in a morning exercise session. Place your oatmeal and fruits on the kitchen counter so when you are groggily bumping around in the kitchen early morning you don’t rehash your white toast, butter and jam breakfast.

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