Weird Fitness Trends Fun Enough to Make You Exercise

Weird Fitness Trends Like the TrampolineWeird fitness trends often get pooh-poohed as passing fads. They’re criticized for being short-term and based more on hype than they are on effectiveness. However, just because a workout style is likely to be a fad, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any value at all.

There are some weird fitness trends that certainly aren’t expected to last – or that have fizzled after having their time in the sun – but that are certainly fun enough to try once or twice. In those cases, you may not be taking on an activity that you plan to do over time, but at least you’ve had the opportunity to get out and exercise.

Consider These Fun but Weird Fitness Trends to Get Active

Yoga with Animals

There are a huge number of options in these weird fitness trends. Kitten yoga, puppy yoga and even (baby) goat yoga have been among the most popular, though there have been dozens of other options to keep people curious and mystified.

While it’s unlikely most people would sign up for several years’ worth of goat yoga, many studios have found that these weird fitness trends have been able to draw people in for the first time. This has been enough to encourage people to experience yoga for the first time – or the first time in a while – which often motivates them to start taking regular classes.

Laser Tag

This game pretty much came and went in terms of popularity, but among weird fitness trends, it certainly burns a lot of calories. People who would rather undergo dental surgery than try to run a mile find themselves roaring around and having fun with friends for a full hour. The games can be as playful or intense as you’d like and can help to make the activity of running around for quite some time a lot of fun.


A number of trampoline gyms are opening up around the world because of the sheer joy it brings people to simply jump all around. While it would be strange for an adult to bounce all around at a local park, when you fill a room with trampolines, the experience changes completely. Jumping on a trampoline uses your:

  • Legs,
  • Abs, and
  • Shoulders

It is also essentially a super-fun option among weird fitness trends.

Hula Hooping

Have only a few minutes to dedicate to weird fitness trends? Give hula hooping a try. It uses several major muscle groups to tone your middle and backside at the same time!

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