What Makes a Good Diet Pill According to Science

What Makes a Good Diet PillTrying to find the right capsule or tablet to help you to lose weight? If you thought you had a short search in front of you then you will rapidly discover that isn’t the case. Learning what makes a good diet pill based on what science has to say – and not just supplement manufacturers – can take time.

You need to know what you’re looking for. Because what makes a good diet pill from the point of view of scientific research is not the same as what the marketing claims have to say. There is a big difference between what medical and clinical studies have to say in published peer reviewed journals and what someone who can make money from a product has to say.

Before you even start with reading studies or trying to discover what the hard-core science has to say about certain ingredients or combinations, the first thing you need to know about what makes a good diet pill is that it isn’t a substitute for the lifestyle changes recommended for fat loss.

Therefore, the first thing you should look for in a diet pill is that it is meant to be a tool to complement an overall weight loss effort including healthy eating and exercise. As soon as you spot a claim that says you don’t have to make a single change but that you’ll still lose weight, you can move on to the next option. Science simply doesn’t back that pill.

Next, look for a product that contains all clinically researched ingredients. Head to the official website of the product or the company behind it and check out the ingredients list. Has the company gone to the effort of citing studies published in medical journals, preferably with links to that research? Companies with science to back their claims will not hesitate to share them. From there, go ahead and look into those studies to make sure that they do actually show that the ingredient or formula in question has the effect you’re looking for, such as fat burning, fat blocking, appetite suppressing or energy boosting, among other things.

You should also look for a diet pill manufactured in a cGMP facility. This shows that the facility has been examined by the U.S. FDA and has been certified as meeting or exceeding the current Good Manufacturing Practices. While this doesn’t guarantee that the product will work, at least you can be assured that it has been made somewhere that the quality and safety standards have been checked and certified.

For a good example of a top diet pill backed by science with all these characteristics, check out PHENBLUE diet pills from Intechra Health.

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