Which Green Tea is Best for Weight Loss?

Which Green Tea is Best for weight lossDo you know which green tea is best for weight loss? You may know that this beverage is fantastic for many different potential health benefits. That said, studies show that among those advantages can be a trimmer waistline. For that reason, you might want to know which type will get you the best results.

Which Green Tea is Best to Help You Lose Weight?

How Does Green Tea Help Weight Management?

You may think that there is only one type of green tea available, but the truth is that there are many varieties. That being the case, how do you know which green tea is best for helping you to lose weight? The answer is in what it does to assist your weight management.

To start, you should know that all forms of green tea come from the same plant: Camellia sinensis. The difference, therefore, comes from the way the plant is grown, where it is grown and how it is handled. It’s also important to consider the way the tea is processed once it is picked.

To make sure the final result is green tea and not black tea, the leaves must remain unfermented. In this way, the EGCG polyphenol compound is preserved. That is the substance in green tea that studies link with weight loss. Research connects it with leptin suppression, thermogenesis boosting and energy increases.

The Answer?

Overall, it’s not a matter of knowing the region or brand as much as the way the product is processed. In that sense, green tea extract is typically considered to be superior to drinking it. Yes, drinking this beverage – hot or cold – is associated with a long list of potential health benefits.

In fact, research has linked drinking green tea with potential cancer protection, better digestion, and even better aging. However, when it comes to its impact on weight loss, the answer to which green tea is best usually means the extract. The reason is that dieters require a stronger potency than the beverage has to offer.

A study published in the International Society of Sports Nutrition used 400 mg of EGCG in its research. They compared it with lower amounts and found that weaker strengths of green tea reduce its weight loss benefits.

A Consumer Lab report found that home-brewed green tea contains about 25 to 86 grams of EGCG. To obtain enough to gain the benefits seen in the research, a dieter would need to drink anywhere from about 5 to 16 cups every day.

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